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have you noticed any change whatsoever in nitrates comming from the diy filter?
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Originally Posted by skelator View Post
have you noticed any change whatsoever in nitrates comming from the diy filter?
I just tested the effluent and the tank water and can not detect any real color difference between the two. I'm convinced it's handling ammonia and nitrites, but can see no resulting evidence of anaerobic bacteria processing/reducing nitrates.
I lamented to Seachem Tech support recently that after 8 weeks I expected to see some, even slight results. (Going in they said that with my setup and using their Stability product, I should begin seeing nitrate reduction in a couple of weeks!)
They could only offer that the reduction in flow should help and I just need more time for the bacteria to develop.

In all fairness, I may be guilty of a minor foot shot. The overall objective was/is to get and keep tank nitrates low. I added anacharis floating plants (which seem to be growing very well). After a few weeks, I began using activated carbon and Purigen in the AC70 filter. I've been careful with feeding. Water changes have been 10g weekly (60g tank) with a 50/50 mix of treated DI water and FNR filtered water (nitrates < 5ppm). The water change has included gravel vacuuming.
Much of this reduces dissolved organic compounds which ultimately reduces nitrates, HOWEVER, it also reduces the food supply for the various bacteria.
Perhaps inadvertently, I slowed the bacteria development process?
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i looked into peoples reviews on both the matrix and specificly the denitrate. pretty much everyone said the denitrate really works.

i understand the bacteria need to grow in the matrtix before it realy starts to do anything so i really wouldnt expect anything from that for some time. honestly im not really sure what denitrate actually is but mosty people claimed results fairly quickly.

the filter i made is just full of regular aquarium gravel. its been up since 3/28 i believe and the entire time the flow has been 40-60 drops per minute. my tank water tests 0 nitrites and my efforts appear to be helping with the nitrates. my effluent tests a bright purple color for nitrites and the nitrate is much higher than my tank. so i assume something is going on inside my diy filter. i got the bigger one ready to go ill prolly just hook it up inline with the other one. i just gotta decide if its worth the money to order the matrix and denitrate
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Actually Matrix and De*Nitrate are exactly the same porous media, the de*nitrate is just smaller is all. According to Seachem, de*nitrate only works for nitrates at flow rates <=50gph while matrix works at any flow rate (the larger size allows anaerobic bacteria to be further inside, where oxygen is starved). They both work for ammonia and nitrites at any flow rate.
In my case, 1.5 liter of matrix was in play in my AC70 filter for months before I combined it with 2 liters of de*nitrate for this filter attempt. It never seemed to develop anaerobic bacteria on it's own which is why I added stability in this attempt.

It seems very odd that you'd have such high nitrites in your effluent, with none in your tank...and with such high nitrites in the filter, where are the nitrates coming from - maybe things will settle out - right now it sounds like it hasn't fully cycled.

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Originally Posted by AbbeysDad View Post
Ref: High Nitrates in tap (well) water

I live in the country and right across the road is 95 acres of crop land that gets organic and chemical fertilizers... which translates into high nitrates in my well water. I don't really want to buy water for water changes or if I do, I'd want to scale back the volume or frequency and still have good water chemistry.
I studied the Aquaripure, but it's a little expensive for my 60g tank and the high nitrates I have.

So what follows is my DIY attempt at a nitrate filter using Seachem Matrix and Seachem De*Nitrate.
The container is a basic lock top kitchen canister:
Done nice job friends tell me about this to see and
i see is really good....good for taking ideas.
I appreciate you...
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Originally Posted by Alan8100 View Post
Done nice job friends tell me about this to see and
i see is really good....good for taking ideas.
I appreciate you...
Alan - welcome to TFK!

Thank-you, but so far the filter has not been successful in reducing nitrates. The anaerobic bacteria has not seemed to populate the Matrix/De*Nitrate media. I have now reduced the flow through the canisters to mere drops per minute (probably a drop per second or so). I'm hoping the reduced flow will starve the canisters of oxygen to promote the anaerobic bacteria growth.
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i set up my other pvc filter today. it holds exactly 4 liters of denitrate. mines pumps water in the bottom and out the very top. the flow rate is 10gph with the pump at the bottom of the tank. i still have my original one running aswell. i decided not to run them in series. i also got the effluent from my original filter going into a 5 gal bucket as the nitrite and nitrate are off the charts when it leaves the filter for some reason. that filter prolly has 30 drips per minute if that.

im going to just let them both go and see what happens. i have 4 liters of matrix and 1more liter of denitrate should i decide to dump out filter #1 as it is just filled with aquarium gravel.
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one other thing i wanted to mention its kinda related i suppose. ive been growing some pothos ivy in my hob filter and i have some just sticking in the water here and there. this thing is growing like mad. i have some of the same plant growing in regular water and there is no comparison. it has to be feeding well off the tank. i actually really like the look of it on there too.
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I think several separate bio-filters is potentially counter productive. You need a good colony of aerobic bacteria to use up the oxygen so anaerobic bacteria can thrive later in the flow in the chamber. If there is not enough of one, the other can't exist so spreading colonies out in separate filters may create an issue.

Also, Seachem warns that very high nitrates will inhibit anaerobic bacteria development. I'm not understanding why your one affluent is off the charts in nitrites and nitrates - what do you account for that?

Edit: Oh and I'm not sure you want the pump down on the bottom where detritus can get pulled in - you really don't want that - much better to pull water from near the top of the tank.

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honestly i have no idea what the first filters effluent is totally different than the water in the tank. somethings going on in there dunno if its good or bad lol. this was meant as a denitrate coil. it had 50' of tubing aswell.

the pumps have botht the pumps in a whisper bio bag that i sewn shut. i could raise it to the top if need be. i just put it at the bottom so i can hide it.
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