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Originally Posted by jmlampert23 View Post
looks great but if that is a stealth heater i would suggest not submerging it all the way.
Why not?

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because one it has a water line on it where your not suppose to submerge it past. also it has an electronic microchip that controls the temperature of the heater that is not water sealed. just an FYI, if it still works that cool just a reccomendation. i had one break because i accidently submerged it
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Wow. Great cave! I tried to make one just like it. It looks great, except I'm going to have to add on to make it worth anything to an eel. I have a 29 gallon tank, and making it an eel tank would be awesome! I just have to find a new home for all of my other fish, they're all going to grow way too big for my aquarium.
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Your tank looks great so far!

The Marineland stealth heater is submersible. It should not break just because it is submersed. The water line is a minimum waterline.

At least you are getting something that actually moves. My rubber eels are lazy, I still love them though.

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lol, well since then i have moved a lot of stuff around and have got it the way i like it. i didnt pick the eel because i couldnt find a fish tht could fit in the tank, be one i liked, and not be eaten lol. although i might get an eel of some sort for my new 55gal. this tank has all the rocks out and bunches of plants and driftwood, it is half empty, or full lol, now because havent bought fish, but im gonna be buying 2 african leaf fish.

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