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You can place some egg crate (light diffusers) in the bottom of your tank before adding the sand which will support the rocks a little better incase one decides to slip from a distance. It will also help to distribute the weight evenly throughout the tank. You could always use the styrofoam method and "make rocks"
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Seems like a pain to make styrofoam rocks plus I was under that polystyrene causes cancer.. My tank would be like a tumor waiting to happen
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lol, you could do a chernoble themed tank

Speaking of the egg crate, do you know a cheaper place to get egg crate than homedepot?

Ive never heard anything bad about people using styrofoam in their tanks, I beleive styrofoam in inert about 14 days after production. Its just the concrete we cover it with to make the rocks takes a bunch of washing before it wont mess with the PH in the tank. That might be where people have run into problems in the past, but truthfully, styrofoam rocks (with real rocks covering most of them) has been something I had been thinking about for my next tank. and don't think its very dangerous at all if done correctly..

The other thought I had was in regaurds to the black diamond. It is crushed iron and coal slag, which is fine for fish tanks, it might even be beneficial to plants. The onth thing you have to keep in mind is that this stuff is exrenely sharp and abrasive since it is intended to be used a blasting media. These rough pieces can be very damaging to bottom feeding fish like Corydoras. Ive heard reports of cats losing their barbels after being in this stuff for awhile, they can still eat and what not, they just don't have their barbels.

Just my two cents.
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there are painted ultra-fine gravels that are black, i have some, the only problem is that they're light and like to float. Otherwise, it just looks like course sand.
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Interesting, so my issue with the styrofoam rocks is I tend to not do things I was actually planning to get some slate and black lava rocks today to make some decor glueing them together onto a stable bottom... I have no idea where to get the egg crate stuff but I am gonna lookinto it.... I am however having trouble finding the black diamond stuff
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Eggcrate is sold at home depot in or around the lighting area,about a two foot by four foot size for approx $12.00 here.It is made of plastic,and is easily cuttable with wire cutters .It is used in the bigger flourecent light like the ones in schools or office buildings.
If you ask someone in the lighting dept. of any of the home improvment stores I'm sure they would help you.
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