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I am sure there are ather system out there that are more high tech, but when you considder cost and the fact that this was all installed and setup in 30 min with no wiring..... it is a DIY dream

It depends on the modual.... some click ... some don't. There is no need for a phase coupler... the system can use multiple trancievers. Just plug one into each area of the house and you are good to go. The clicking sound, in my opinion is not that bothersome, especially when you considder the cost. Everything I have was under $150 compaired to $700 plus for control 4 or something similar.
I also like the simple remote:
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Looks good, gives me inspiration to do my own arduino powered system, been looking for a reason to start playing with one of those little boards....
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Ok I think I sounded a little harsh on x10 it is good inexspensive system iwas just saying I have had problems problems wit it working in houses that have multipul pannels becase the phases in a electical are suposed to be seperate that's whyh thay are bult the way thay are if you have trouble with communication you may need a phas coupler or a noise filter see x10 rides on the 110 wire as anolog signal and their is a lot of ways that the signal can get interupted florecent bulbs create a lot of noise dimmers create noise even turningon a hair dryer it dose work I was just trying to make people aware that this system can be tempermental.

And as far as. Control 4 switches thay talk via ziggbee wich is a mesh network (wireless) wich means the more you have the better it works plus you need some type of ziggbe server from control4 like a hc300 or some thing along those lines it will work every time but is exspensive and is way too much for just a fish tank I could see if you have a system installed allredy but I woldn't recomend going and buying this system for your tank

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