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Thanks.... guys

MONEY MITCH.. thanks for the Kind Words.... I we really like our 120 gallon Cichlid tank
those guys have alot of character.... not to mention we now have 3 new brudes in the tank
and are enjoying the babies and watching them grow.......

FISH1FISH2.. I am not so sure.. but I think at one time this tank might have been
salt water....I will have to take some pictures of the Lights they run off of a ballast
and one is BLUE and the other is white... for each side.. which makes me think those
type of lights are whats in a salt water tank.... I Personally have never had a Salt water
tank... ( But would try it ) when the time is right...

I have got to come up with some idea, ( panty hose ) or something to cover the inlet of the
Over Flow.... its very powerful.... I was even thinking maybe some kind of plastic screen.

Hope everyone likes the ideas I have already came up with.. and enjoys this thread.....

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<<<<< ph >>>>>

Its been 2 days now..... and the Ph is still steady at 8.0 so all is well there....
I have been making some phone calls around town here and trying to come up
with some one that has some FRONTOSA'S.... I know the tank will not be ready
for some time still but If I could find someone maybe we can work something out.

I just got in from work less than a hour ago.. going to eat... then search some
more online for some different MEDIA for the filter ( I have been thinking about
a second filter to go inside the Container.

if anyone has some ideas or input I am willing to listen and learn...


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eggcrate or commonly called "light defuser" in hardware stores and usually found in the lighting department may work good as a good cover for the overflow. its sold in sheets, its the white grid seen here: Yahoo! Image Detail for - http://static.flickr.com/230/448650922_ceed8b1116.jpg
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You and I have been thinking alot alike..... here ia a picture of the
light diffuser that I bought at Lowes..... lucky for me this piece was already
damaged..... it normally cost $11.96 each... I got this piece by talking to the
manager on duty at the time for only $5.00....
I actually thought about using it as a grate over top of the overflow.. but before
I actually put it on I was going to wrap it with PANTY hose to act like a filter
I am not so sure that this idea will prove to be a good one or not....

I also think that my return is very strong.. ( Might be to strong )
so I have been thinking about revamping the return style.
possibly were the nozzles hang down more so into the tank by
adding some 90 degree elbows. to try to slow the return water down.
Right now its a straight shot UP and only 1 90 degree elbow on each
side then OUT........
I was not able to work on the tank at all yesterday had family stop in to Visit...
I was bummed I kept starring in to my work room ( were the tank is ) lol
looking at it..... wanting to work on it.. LOL.....
I also have a 210 gallon tank in there BEGGING ME for attension as well.....
but that one will have to wait till after the NEW YEAR... have bigger plans for it...
Going to try my luck at raising Discus in that one.

Thanks again for the idea......thats the kinda stuff I have been asking for
from others. seems that no one really knows that this thread is going on ...
or maybe its not just interesting to them to post.

thanks again
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I just checked the temp.. ( something told me to ) and it was at 77 degrees...
I cant believe I did not check it yesterday... I want it at 81 degrees....
so I turned up the heater and will check it again once I return this evening from
gotta stay on top of these things until its stable..... ( I KNEW THAT TO )
just forgot.. see what family does. lmao...
I have more ideas... I will share once I get going on them....
write more soon...

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Dang Ron!!! What a awesome job!!! I wouldn't even know where to start there...so if I ever get my big wish-tank you're hired to send some days in TN That's plain awesome and the "diary" style step by steps here with pictures, excellent for anyone who'd wanna learn and built one too, thumbs up on all this!!!

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Thanks so much for all the kind words....
Glad you are enjoying this thread.. this is how I will be doing
my build on my 210 gallon sometime after the new year.
I have just met a guy.. crazy as this sounds off of Craigs list here
in my town.... HE makes Tanks.... so I have asked him what he would
charge me to do a Sump tank 30 gallon and place the glass in it as
per my instructions... I am even thinking about haveing a small
quarrentine section for fish.. the way I want to contruct this one
it will even have a live rock bed maybe even some plants too...
if he comes through for me I could really make it look PROFESSIONAL .

I am No way close to being done with this tank and I am already
thinking about my 210 gallon tank lol.....

My son and his New Wife... are in a small apartment and they have been
talking to ( Me and My wife ) about wanting a fish tank..... so I have been
looking on craigslist for a GOOD DEAL ( there out there ) possibly something
thats already to assemble .... might do this for them for X-mas... if I do
this I will take lots of pics... and make another thread on his tank as well..

IF you have any ideas... or thougts... Throw them at me......

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New addition

Check this guy out......
He is wondering around the tank......
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File Type: jpg Blue Lobster a.JPG (78.0 KB, 71 views)
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Glass Top

I have three Glass tops that came with the Tank... they had alot of Calcium build up on them
from being used ( who knows how long ) but I know things look older ( alot older ) when they
are not taking care of ... but I think they cleaned up rather good.....
I used a chemical called CLR yeah the one that is on the infomercial Removes Calcium
they were so bad that I actually had to use a Razor blade along with the CLR.
I rinsed the glass off with water.. and dried really good before installing them.

I will be doing more tomorrow....

Attached Images
File Type: jpg Glass Top a.JPG (34.0 KB, 67 views)
File Type: jpg Glass top installed a.JPG (78.0 KB, 67 views)
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I got some plants this evening nothing special, just some that would help out in the cycling of
the tank... and when I was there I couldnt resist these little Cats....
I have been laughing since I put them in the tank.. for some reason they love
the water flow to the over flow.. I have sat here numerous a times already watching
them ALMOST get sucked into the over flow ( LOL )
it will happen I am sure of it.. if they keep playing around it..... so I guess if I have time tomorrow
I will work on the screen for the overflow....
If I have time.... I have to go to a birthday part tomorrow night.. but I will post some pics
when I start to contruct the screen for the overflow.

check out these pics...... of the cats and the plants.

Attached Images
File Type: jpg 180 gallon plants 12-17-09 a.JPG (69.7 KB, 62 views)
File Type: jpg 180 gallon cat fish 12-17-09 (1) a.JPG (53.8 KB, 62 views)
File Type: jpg 180 gallon catfish 12-17-09 (2) a.JPG (36.8 KB, 62 views)
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