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Zebra Danios - Chasing each other

I just put a small school (6) of Zebra Danios in my new tank. They seem happy so far, but I've noticed tham chasing each other around a lot. Their fins are undamaged, so they aren't nipping.

It's actually kinda fun watching them zip around the top half of my tank, but I'm worried that they might be aggressive towards any new tank mates. The only other fish in the tank is an Albino Pleco, whom they generally ignore.

Anyone else keep Zebras that has some experience with their behavior?
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thats normal for zebra danios...........they never stop moving it seems, but generally they dont nip fins of other tankmates
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Originally Posted by Fishin Pole View Post
thats normal for zebra danios...........they never stop moving it seems, but generally they dont nip fins of other tankmates
Good to know. Once I get some plant growth near the top of my tank, I plan to put a pair of Dwarf Gouramis in the tank.
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I just got 2 Zebra Danio and 1 painted zebra danio. they are all over the tank and it seems like they are racing around the cave. They dont stop chasing one another but they are just playing around

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I've got 6 in my tank and they are endlessly chasing each other around town. Quite entertaining.

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Danios are so energetic and what looks like agressive chasing is usally them only playing within the group. I have them and never noticed any nipping. I also have corries and they eat together and play together. What size is your tank? Most people suggest only one dwarf gourami as if they dont have enough room to establish their own territory they might fight. Just be sure your dwarf gourami gets to eat as they are not aggressive eaters and the danios will beat them to the food. You will probably need to strategically feed the danios on one side and the gouramis on the other or something like that. Good luck

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Most schooling species I've kept have chased each other. At first I got worried then I read they are uually playing. My zebras and tiger barbs do this all day only to each other.

Not to hijack this thread but sometimes 2 or 3 of my tigers will grind their heads against each other. They spin and they turn but for the most part their heads remain together until one eventually backs off. That's quite entertaining as well and I've only witnessed this with tigers.
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