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Yo-yo loach compatible with Oto?

I currently have 2 tanks running but really would like to get rid of the smaller. My only hesitation is the Yo-yo loach and Oto. Typically would the loach beat on the Oto?

The 10gal tank currently holds 2 Platys, 1 White Cloud, 1 Oto and 2 Mystery snails.

The 20gal tank currently holds 3 Platy and 1 Yo-yo Loach, approx 3 1/2 -3 3/4 inches long.

My loach had become rather aggressive for a while because of the Honey Gourami I had(Gourami went to live in the plant tanks at my local lfs, he had over the course the year I owned him, become very violent). Within a week of getting rid of the Gourami my loach returned to his normal peaceful, graceful self so I don't think he will be a problem(it has been a month without any aggression being displayed) but I just wanted to check.


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I'm going to have to suggest that you return the loach for 2 reasons:

The tank is much too small unfortunately.
They really need to be in groups of 3 or more, in whicvh case an even bigger tank still would be required.

Once this is done i see no issues with combining the fish, but i wouldn't add anything else as you would then be pretty well stocked.

Another thing to note is that the white cloud is another schooling fish and really prefer groups of 6 or more, which I dn't personally think you have room for. They are also not a tropical fish, and need much cooler temperatures than the rest of your fish can stand for long term health, and so, again i have to suggest that you return this fish also.
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yo-yo loach

My singles were once in groups(except the loach) they are the the ones that survived as the others have died off over time. I know the loach should be in a group but when I bought him a year ago I was missed informed by the pet store(I didn't know anything about Yo-yos when I bought him) but he is thriving and has decided to stop growing for a while. He hasn't grown in probably 3 months now, when I bought him he was barely an 1 to an 1 1/4 long.

I can't take him back after a year especially since he is doing well. They only took the Gourami (I had had him a year as well) because I told them his alternative was the freezer.

I guess I will leave it as it is for a while. Santa was supposed to bring a 55gal or 75 gal for Christmas but I got laid off in November and am still haven't found work so it is going to be at least summer before I can get the tank.

thank you
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