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Will a clown loach eat fish eggs?

My blue rams are acting like they're preparing to mate and I'm worried that my clown loach will eat the eggs if they lay them in the tank with him. I bought him to eat snails/snail eggs so I'm unsure if he'll eat eggs of fish as well, any advice?
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No doubt, loaches won't pass off the opportunity to get free caviar. By the way, I would never recommend loaches as a way to eradicate snails. If anything, you need to control your feeding as it is often responsible for the overproduction of the snails. Assassin snails are a much better option but if you want to get them, get rid of your clown loach first.

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Not to mention clowns much prefer to be in the company of other clowns.
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yeah unfortunately I've learned most of this a little too late, my LFS steered me very wrong (for the last time...) with many things, they also basically won't take back the fish that they tricked me into buying, not even for free, and I don't have any friends in the hobby that could take my fish, I'm working towards buying her (i think) a friend though, I just got a huge piece of driftwood to add extra hiding spots
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A piece of driftwood will be much appreciated. My loaches jam pack themselves into every nook & cranny of the driftwood in my tank, chase each other over it, around it, etc. I have no idea what they'd do with themselves if the driftwood wasn't there. They'd probably be off mopeing in the back corners of the tank.

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I need to revive this thread.... because.....

I have a balloon molly that might be pregnant (live birth). It's been a little over a month since I've had it so I'm not really sure. I tend to doubt it... nevertheless, it bring up the question:
I also have 2 loaches. Would the loaches eat the molly fry?

I'm not looking to breed fish, so I don't really care if they get eaten -- the circle of life is great.
But would the loaches over-eat fry? Would the momma molly get protective of her offspring?

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Loaches probably wouldn't actively hunt and eat the fry, but they would eat any they came across.

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Yeah, loaches will eat livebearer fry.

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