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whats best for my dojo loaches

I have 2 gold dojo each about 4 1/2" long. They both currently reside in my 30 gal tank(in my tank info). I got them from a friend who bought them from walmart and put them in a 10gal. I know they need a bigger tank as the mature an they also need a third loach. I read that a 55gal would suffice for three of these guys? Also i was wondering if they needed to have a group of 3, they are very happy and active as is but i know they might be happier. In the event i cant get a obtain a larger tank i was thinking of buying a smaller tank for the other fish and leaving the loaches the 30(probably the danios as well). And finally do dojo have a large bio load or a smaller one, i know kuhli have small bioloads.

30gal tank-$45, Decor-$50,Gravel-$27, seeing my danios in a big happy school-priceless.
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A 4 foot tank is good, though I would opt for one that's got a wider base, like a 75.

The more dojos you get, the more active they are. I started with 3 and now have 5 in my 90.

I'd say they have a fairly big bioload. They get thick and their bellies can get pretty fat. The more food a fish can take in, the more waste it puts out, and the higher the bioload. Also, the size of the poop is also indicative of the size of the bioload, though that is hard to tell with bottom dwellers.

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Thanks jay, are you by any chance on any other fish forums? maybe one that has teh same initals as the state of Florida. I just left one, i was under the username Catman

30gal tank-$45, Decor-$50,Gravel-$27, seeing my danios in a big happy school-priceless.
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