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Yeah, i figured leaving them in the same tank was the best idea, thats what i was leaning towards. I have also never dealt with a fish with injuries so i wasn't sure what to do with him. I am currently cycling two tanks, the 10 gallon and the 20 high. My signature is actually way out of date. The 10 is now housing the 5 barbs until i get the 20 set up, then ultimately the 55. the 20 is being cycled so i can move the barbs over. The 55 is going to be taken down and redone completely. same with the 20 long. If i keep the water conditions good (once it finishes cycling) his tail will heal completely with no other aid?

I've kept barbs in the past, there activer personalities is one of the things that draw me to them. They will definitely move to the bigger tank as soon as it is properly set up. I figured as much on the tank. Since the 10 seems to be on the downside of cycling i will let it finish up and keep them there till the 20 is running smoothly.

I put the little barb in the breeder for now, will this be okay? I'm trying to seperate him so he doesnt get any worse injuries. THis way i can care for him seperately without moving him to a new tank. Hopefully he will heal up. there arent any chances of fin rot coming from this?
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There is always a chance of a bacterial infection setting in, most often, they just heal up on their own without any problems.
If it would make you feel better, you could add some Melafix to the water, but probably not necessary.
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Will it do anything to the fish who have no health problems? Will it gradually just fade out of the water or will i have treated water from here on out?
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Water changes each week will eventually remove it .

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Its ok to treat the the whole tank, its a very mild antibiotic.
Water changes and fresh carbon will remove the meds and melafix will not disturb the cycle.
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The four larger barbs are doing great. Their colors are awesome. One of the bigger four has a lighter orange, maybe a female. But their colors are doing great. The little one is still repairing his fin in the breeder box. He has his good days and bad. Today his color was looking a lot better. His tail is growing back, i can already tell improvements in it. You can tell he wants out so bad. I'm wanting to keep him in until he is fully healed first. Will a breeder box (the clear plastic kind) stunt his growth?
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