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fishin, I know they are stressed. The level quality is currently poor therefore they are stressed. I'm just stating that they are acting normal, as if they are not stressed. I know in a lot of cases fish will act different if things are too dramatic, mine are not. It's not so much that they have lost their color, it's more of their color has changed.

i will reduce feedings. I'm working on a water change.

I didn't necessarily do a cycle with fish, but i kind of am now. I already had the tank established then added 5 barbs at once. I was kind of hesitant to add 5 fish at once to such a small tank. but they were on sale for 5 for $5 which was too good to pass up. Unfortunately i didn't have another tank set up to split them up for a week until i made sure the levels stayed safe, then i could have added the rest. But when i bought them i knew it was a possibility that the levels would spike and am/was more than willing to do what is needed until they get back down. I will do partial water changes daily and keep an eye on the levels to try to keep it livable until the levels are where they need to be.

I will keep updates here, thanks for your help guys. hopefully i can work through this with no loses.
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Okay, I did roughly a 50% water change today, maybe just a TAD bit more. Changed out the water. Tested the ammonia and nitrites. They both checked out to be 0. Is this possible for it to be at zero this soon? Was it too soon to test correctly? Either way i will test again tomorrow afternoon to make sure. Just wondering if this is too good to be true. Thanks.
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It possible, sounds like your tank was close to being cycled again,since you ammonia had already dropped.
Did you give the water a chance to circulate after the water change?
Definitely keep testing everyday for a while, to check for any changes.
Hope for you and your fish, it is cycled. Good luck!
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Thanks. It was after the water change. I waited a little bit, enough i would think it should be circulated. Like i said i will check again today to make sure. I'm hoping it is cycled too, I'm worried about my little barbs. I've been holding off to every other day to feed them, they look so hungry, haha
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todays readings are ammonia at .25 and nitrite at either .25 or .50 Kind of had to tell since the colors on the test kit are really close (it looked more like .25 though) Hopefully the nitrites are coming down. Does ammonia come down before nitrites or can they come down together? It seems as if they are coming down together.

Did another 50% water change tonight. I'll test again tomorrow.
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Ammonia will drop to zero first,followed by nitrites. When you begin to detect nitrAtes and ammonia and nitrites remain at zero for ten days,your tank will be well on it's way to maturing.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Nitrites were at .25 last night. It actually looked to be between 0 and .25, but i just rounded up to .25. I figure i should plan for the worst and hope for the best.

..New problem, The runt of the 5 barbs seems to have gotten picked on. It may have something to do with not feeding them regular to keep from feeding ammonia, i don't really know. Anyways, His tail has been nipped pretty bad.
1. will his tail ever fully recover
2. How do i treat this?
3. How quickly will it turn to fin rot?
4. What is the likeliness of it turning to fin rot?
5. What are the best ways to tell if it is fin rot?

Now what should i do about it? I have the 10 gallon running which is almost cycled, so it seems. A 20 gallon i just set up to cycle. And a 5 that is not up at all. I figure i probably need to medicate the little guy. I can either leave him in the 10 and move the rest to the 20 and force them to go through a cycle again, put the little one in the 20 and medicate it, or transfer some of the stuff/water from the 10 to the 5 and medicate him there. Suggestions? i've never had to medicate before, which brings me to the next question:
6. Once you medicate the tank, will i be able to use it for fish again or just a med tank?

Huge thanks!
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sorry few more questions i remembered:
7. since i'm pretty sure you can reuse the tank itself, what about the gravel/decorations/etc? can they be reused?
8. can you just transition back to a regular tank or do you have to take it down and scrub scrub scrub?
9. I started feeding the barbs again, as mentioned. Will this cause the ammonia to rise again or will it just stay how it is?
10.what about the filter media? I tried to swish it in old tank water. A little bit of stuff came off, but it's to the point that it's backed up and dripping out the intake side. What affects will this have one the cycle?
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I would leave all the fish in one tank until that tank is cycled. Fish have no doubt been subjected to ammonia and nitrites. Water changes will be needed to keep ammonia, and nitrites from becoming lethal. Cycling of tank normally takes three to four weeks or longer. Are you trying to cycle more than one tank? Where did pleco come from? Is guppy tank in your signature cycled? Not a good idea to move fish from tank to tank unless all tanks are established. Fins will heal if water conditions are kept up = Water changes,water changes,water changes.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Tiger barbs are very active and sometimes nippy little fish. They will appreciate the larger tank once it is set up, and I agree with 1077, clean water is the best medicine.
Since, it sounds like you only have the one tank that is almost cycled, I would leave them in there for now.Putting them through the cycle twice could prove to hard on them. It may help to add some more plants to the tank, a place for the smaller tiger barb to retreat when he/she needs to get away.
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