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Tiger Barb tank mates in 55g?

What are some good tank mates for tiger barbs in a 55 gallon tank?
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Not much... these fish nip at nearly any other fish.... more barbs? Green? lol
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if the tiger barb group is large enough,and the tank is planted
both ends,with free swimming space,you should in theory have happy tigers,
and they'll keep nipping within the group.
i have serape tetra in with mine,i have in the past kept and array of
fish with tigers,and as i said as long as they are in a large group,not only
do they look fantastic,but they should leave anyone else alone.
here is the fish past and present i have kept with tigers.
serpae tetra,neon tetra,rummy noses,corydora catfish,banjo catfish,
bristlenosed catfish,pearl gouramis.black phantom tetra.
gupys.clown loaches,yoyo loaches.
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Ok I think what I will do is just have the barbs for a while until it is fully planted and then add some yoyo loaches. I am hoping that with lots of plants they do fine, especially since they occupy different levels of the tank.

What would be more typical of a natural hardscape for the barbs? Rocks? Driftwood? A bit of both?

Thanks so much everyone! This forum has always been a big help :)

Edit: Assuming I get 7 loaches, how many tiger barbs can I get? I have an eheim 2217 currently running and I have an eheim 2215 I can add on if necessary.

Also, since I am getting the barbs first, what size tank is minimum for 2 week quarantine of 6-7 yo-yos?

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stock levels i am never any good at advising on sorry.
as for decorů.both is fine,i've always done it like that.
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If it were my 55 and I was only doing tiger barbs and 6-7 yoyos, I would probably do a group of 15-20. Keep in mind the yoyos do get some size to them. I like the Black Ruby Barbs too so my group would probably include a handful of those.

For a qt tank, a 20 long would be good.
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