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Tell me banded kuhli's are coming back!

Where are these guys? One place I went to said they're not hardy anymore and stopped stocking them. I can't even find them online. I found one single comment somewhere on the net guessing that these little guys can't be shipped during the hot summer months, and so are seasonal. Are they? Is there a time of year they become available? I was looking forward to stocking my tank with these more than any other fish. Now, they will be the last ones to be added - if I can find them. I really wanted the striped ones of my childhood, not the simple black ones.

When I was first setting up my tank but not yet ready for fish, a LFS had tank upon tank of what I now think were gold dojos. ALL of them were gone the following week. But I'm guessing those will be more readily available. Do I really have to compromise though?

Anyone see any banded kuhli's for sale recently? I just want to know if people are seeing them, period, or if there is a month these guys are known to start hitting the aquarium shops again.
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we have them here in the local lfs i just saw them yesterday =)

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Here in Aust, there is NO problem with getting them. I actually have some on the way myself. Not to rub it in, mind you! lol

Have you checked online? I have bought quite a few fish from an online store (don't have big pet stores where I live) and they have arrived at my door safe, sound and healthy.

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Ah, well that's great to know they're out there! I have not seen them in stores for 3 MONTHS. Or is it longer?? I've been looking in anticipation before I had even set up my tank. Very early on, one store said they had recently sold out of a whole bunch of them - but I didn't know black kuhli existed, and am wondering if that's what he was referring to, as I do see them get those guys in on a regular basis.

I saw them once on aquabid but they were selling a dozen at a time. I also saw them online advertised with a picture of both banded and black, and didn't see an option of just getting one or the other. Soooooo um, may I ask where you got them online? I'm glad there seems to be a shortage just in my area right now, and that I WILL have the option of getting them.
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I get them through - they are based in Queensland.

Are you Aussie?

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