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Sumo loach question

I just ordered a new batch of fish and am anxious for them to get here. I ordered, among other things, 2 sumo loaches. I intended to separate these into 2 tanks I have because the information said these loaches are larger and do not hide. Does anyone have these, and if so, will they do okay (i.e., be active, healthy, etc) as the only loaches in the tank? Or would they do better if I put them both into the tank that has about 4 Kuhlis in it?

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My Sumo's seem to get on well with anything swimming about in the Aquarium, they thrive in a well oxygenated tank that has a current flowing, so a power head or strong flow from a filter + an air stone is needed.

Slow-moving or long-finned species should certainly be omitted because they’re likely to struggle with the necessary level of water movement and may end up with nipped fins.

Placid bottom-dwellers such as Corydoras or Pangio spp. also tend to be easy targets for territorial Schistura and are best avoided.

They require spotless water in order to thrive. Weekly water changes of 30-50% tank volume should therefore be considered as routine.

In the auarium they will accept dried foods of a suitable size but should not be fed these exclusively.
Daily meals of small live and frozen fare such as Daphnia and Blood worm etc., will result in the best colouration and condition. In a set-up with moving water they will often shoot up to snatch morsels passing in the flow.

Mandy, Marine Biologist/Vet

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