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Red Tail Sharks

This is a discussion on Red Tail Sharks within the Cyprinids and Atherinids forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Hello, I had just purchased 2 Red tail sharks for my 40 gallon tank. Is there anything that I need to know about these ...

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Red Tail Sharks

I had just purchased 2 Red tail sharks for my 40 gallon tank. Is there anything that I need to know about these guys? I normally would not buy these, but my wife loved them. Any information on keeping them healthy?
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Well, first make sure that there are at least four hiding places for a 6" fish. Then make sure your aquascape breaks up the sight lines in the tank so that each fish can claim a territory out of sight of the other. I recommend siting the hiding places in zones so that each is in sight of no more than two others. (or, to flip that on it's head, no matter which one the fish is in, there's at least one hiding space he can't see with his head sticking out of the place he's picked.)

Keep melafix on hand. Sooner or later they will fight. RTBS are one of those fish that you should keep one or more than 5.
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You might want...

You might want to take one of them back to the store or find another home for one of them because with just two of them they will definately fight. These don't get along with each other but can be peaceful with other tank mate; some of them any way. I have one that I've had for 4 years and he gets along great with guppies and neon tetras but when I had him with tiger barbs he hated them for some reason and eventually killed them all. He has something against striped fish. They all have their own personalities so it depends on them on what kind of fish you can put them with.
Ditto on what Tophat 665 said, lots of plants, caves and hiding places. They are very terratorial.
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