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I wouldn't stick to the clown loach as a good fish for 75 liters.
Swordtails are too big for a 75 liters and will need a cover glass as they are good jumpers. You may stick instead with platies.
As for tetras, don't buy them if your tank hasn't established for 3 months or more. They are rather sensitive to extreme changes in water chemistry. However, you may try the Black Skirt, Lemon and Beacon tetras.
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Blue, the fish that I mentioned were not fish for cycling/establishing a tank. I posted them as easy-to-care-for fish 8)
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Ok. Just wanting to make it clear that some fish can't fit in a 75 liter tank.
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Originally Posted by CuteLilPleco
I would advise against a Red Tailed Black Shark as they are territorial and aggressive.
Hi Brie i was rather surprised about that. I also read the same comment about red tailed black sharks in a book (after i had bought mine) and was feeling really apprehensive. I have had him 3 yrs with angels and catfish and he his really adorable. Minds his own business and circles only when hungry. However i keep an eye on his behaviour. Do you think i've landed a nice rather unique specimen or is he going to grow worse?

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Hi Oceane,
In general, RTBS are aggressive. However, some fish can be unique even if in general, they are what they are created to be.

I skim read again and found out no one(well, even me, as I didn't noticed that) has advised against the kissing gouramis and silver dollars. Those fish are rather too large for a 20 gallons tank. Silver dollars kept in a shoal of 6 need a tank minimum of 70 gallons. For kissing gourami, a pair has to be housed in a 55 gallons minimum.
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Hi Oceane,
I used to have a RTBS and he was fine with all my fish untill one day I put two clown loaches in my tank, and he went crazy. He would chase them around the tank non-stop for several minutes, then rest for a minute or two, then chase them some more. He terrorized the clowns.

So you might have a unique fish or its aggressiveness might not have shown up yet.

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Be careful with angels, too; if you are adding new fish and they are angels, just get small ones; they are actually a type of cichild and can be agressive and territorial as well.

You know what the definition of hobby is: something of interest that is going to cost you lots of money!
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I've heard two diff. stories on red tailed black sharks. Keep only one and they won't get aggressive, or keep them in schools of six or more. They will mess with each other leaving the other fish alone, like tiger barbs.

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Originally Posted by firearies
I've heard two diff. stories on red tailed black sharks. Keep only one and they won't get aggressive, or keep them in schools of six or more. They will mess with each other leaving the other fish alone, like tiger barbs.

this has been my experience. Red Tails are my fav fish. I've kept them for many years until about a year ago when I moved cross country, and I plan on getting them again.

Like most fish, they are individuals. Some are more aggressive than others and cannot be kept with more delicate fish. The "One or several" rule for ret tails is also generally accurate. But again, the rare individual will challenge that rule.

The biggest factor in these fishes behavior is their tank size. Anything smaller than 55g and you'll see a fiestier fish. And 55g is a definate minimum. I'd suggest larger. I kept a single Red tail in a tank with a betta and school of 12 tiger barbs in 55g and everyone got along slendidly.

Red Tails are territorial and REQUIRE somekind of hiding structure. Be sure to make it large enough to accomadate their adult size, 4-6 inch. Here's another myth I busted first hand. Red tails DO get larger than 4 inches and can reach 6 inches long. Make their cave large enough for them.

If you have a particularly aggressive Red Tail and decide you just can't bail on him then frequently moving that cave hide-away will help keep his aggression down. If done too often though you will tend to stress the fish so I'd suggest moving these more aggressive fish to a chiclid tank where they'll feel quite at home.

Also, these fish are jumpers! If you're using aqua clear expect these guys to jump up the water fall and chill in the filter for a while. Make sure the cover on your aquarium is tight and has no other holes for the fish to jump through.

These fish are awesome and though they may be a bit more complicated for a beginner, I highly reccomend them.

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every red tail black shark ive had has jumped out and died... i had one and it wuz fine with my 4 bala sharks and den one day it mysteriously jumped out then wen the bala sharks moved to their huge new home i got 4 red tails and da nxt day they were nowhere to be found... turns out they jumped and my dog ate them... lol wow...

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