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rainbow shark

This is a discussion on rainbow shark within the Cyprinids and Atherinids forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> ok when i got him he was a grayish color with light orangered find now its about 2-3 weeks later and he is a ...

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rainbow shark

ok when i got him he was a grayish color with light orangered find now its about 2-3 weeks later and he is a very dark gray with bright orange red fins is this good? also are these slow growers or do they grow really fast? also my gold gorami(sp?) ive noticed he/she? has gotten bigger and brihgter as well but doesnt seem to eat as much or atleast i dont see he/she eat that much what kiind of food should i get for her.him? also how can i tell the diffrence

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Rainbow shark

I don't know anything about the Rainbow sharks except that they are related to the Red-tailed shark, check out this site and see if yours looks like this.

Just with what I have seen with my Red-tailed shark I think this is normal. Mine was charcoal grey with a orangish-red tail when I got him. After about 2- 2 1/2 weeks I noticed he had gradually darkened. He is now jet black with a beautiful red tail. He is a sight to behold.

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well i guess that means hes doin good...but does anyone know how to tell what sex a gold gourami is?
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speaking from exspierience

A yes the rainbow shark I must say i love this species they are very tough and growing can be hard to wait for although this fish dose get large they tend to be very easily stunted i remember having one in a 20 gallon and it didn't exceed 2 or 3 inches eventually he got sick from fungus because pets mart gave me sick loaches and they killed him i tell you i would give up any fish for that shark well scratch that id give up a fish for that that species not that particular shark it was small they are very shy i remember he just sat there but i guess he was lonely because when i put in those loaches they bonded right away anyways its quite normal for these guys to be a little lighter than in the store i think you should add more fish to the tank his personality will come out more i added clown loaches but do not recomend those because they get sick way to easy but i have to tell you the rainbow shark is the most durable amazing fish out of all of them they grown to a nice size and despite what every one said they are peaceful if you get to know the species anyways enough of this hope you have a nice exspierience i really miss mine
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