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rainbow shark

I just have a few questions about the rainbow sharks, and I hope I am posting this in the right area.
How big do they get?
I am getting a 45 gallon tank; is this large enough for one of them and other fish?
What fish are compatible with them?
How often are they fed?
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these will only get about 4-5 inches in length. yes a 45g will hold more than just the rainbow, they should be fed twice a day( in the morning and at nite) and they are compatible with fish like barbs and tetras

20G community tank

20G on the way

55G Reef on the way as well
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Of the two, the tetras and barbs, which would you recommend? I am just trying to see where exactly I want to go with this tank before I get it.
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Rainbow sharks are very territorial and it would probably be best to only have one in your tank....They also can get up to 6 inches long....I wouldnt reccomend tetras (At least the smaller varieties) with them.....Your probably better off with a small shoal of barbs of some kind......Rosy, Odessa or Denison (very expensive, but awesome fish).......You could check out rainbowfish too....They would fit in well with barbs and a rainbow shark........Maybe a gourami, but if you get tiger barbs, i wouldnt get a gourami......Tiger barbs are notorious for being fin nippers....Look at giant danios, they would also make a good tankmate for the rainbow shark........Hope this helps you out and good luck with your fish!
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The shark for the lower levels, a school of barbs of some sort for the middle, and some danios for the upper levels would make a nice Asian biotope tank.

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thanks for all the info, but i ended up going with sw
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Just for reference, rainbow sharks are cypriniformes, not catfish.

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