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I just read this whole thread.. in some ways it is sad.. sad because a fishes life was lost .. sad because it's owner took good sound advise and investigating and took it as a personal attack... I don't see it that way...I've only been here a short time.. but these type of threads are very, very common... and obviously there is a reason for it..

hopefully cowgirlfishkeeper will think about what was said here...learn from the experience... so much good information was passed on, and we are never....ever too old or experienced to learn... I've been a fish keeper for along time.. most of my life that is rapidly approaching 60 years... I've learned more from this site in a month than I have on my own and from random book readings in the last 40 years.. and not just about fish keeping , but about people and how passionet they are about it.. so I say Cowgirlfishkeeper.. if you are out there.. come back.. be part of the comunity.. you will become richer ( in spirit) and learn more than you thought possible..it only takes a little swallowing of pride to accomplish the learning process... which should never end until you take a dirt nap...

happy tanking

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Originally Posted by CowgirlFishKeeper View Post
They are all very young, about an inch to two inches long. I over filter and do water changes, and so I know what I am doing. I did not come to be lectured about my tank, but for any insight as to why Peachy Keen is dying. If yo read my ENTIRE post, which it seems you didn't, I have THREE Ryukins and ONE shubunkin, meaning I have 4 GOLDFISH total. The Shubunkin is 8 years old and is not getting any larger and shows no sign of stunting. Like I have said before, I over filter, and I have had MANY pro aqueons state this is FINE as long as I perform water changes and don't over feed them. I don't.

Glad to know your priority is to natter at my tank when I have a mysteriously dying fish.

For those who AREN'T here to natter:

Peachy Keen is totally ignoring the malachite green now, and is attempting to swim, but looks rather like a zombie and ends up only slowly swimming in place. Her breathing has slowed too.
You shouldn't have as shubunkin with ryukins, the shubunkin will out swim the ryukins.

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Odd issue with my Ryukin....

What if the ryukins had a head start?
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