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Murray Cod

This is a discussion on Murray Cod within the Cyprinids and Atherinids forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> hello all, This post is about the compatability of murray cod. i have a 4 ft tank which has a sole murray cod in ...

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Murray Cod

hello all,
This post is about the compatability of murray cod.
i have a 4 ft tank which has a sole murray cod in it around 23cm in length. we have had barramundi (the same size), catfish (round 15cm)and it has killed them all. We also had 2 bass one which was well over 30 cm long and it even took that on and the bass was scared and stayed away. i was wondering if anyone has kept a murray cod with another species of native australian fish and had any success. also if anyone has had one what they feed theirs. ours lives off gold fish and bloodworms and is growing fast.
matt :D

lid is a work in progress. :)
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I had a Murray Cod in the same tank as most Australian native fish and though it was agressive it didn't kill any of my fish, but mine was only about 8 cm!
I fed it bloodworms, live poddy Mullet and live crickets!
The reason it is so agressive is because by feeding fish live foods they get the instinct to eat anything that looks like food and is moving.
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My friend has a murray cod and believe me they are super aggressive. It killed everything else that was introduced to the tank accept a river blackfish - its a six foot thickly set tank, so its pretty large.
He put in some yellow belly and a few redfin that we caught - they were bigger, yet the cod terrorised them constantly until they died.
The blackfish is pretty big, and I wouldnt say that they get along in anyway, more that the cod is just waiting to get bigger before taking the blackfish on.
My friend was warned when he got the cod however that it would never be a community fish.
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