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Originally Posted by caroknap View Post
Hey Lupin! Sorry to hear about you getting the flu twice! It's really bad these days, be careful and get better!
Also thanks for your wise words.
Although they were disappointing to hear I kinda already figured what was coming.
My fish definitely have an abundance of space right now. But maybe it's the swim bladder problems that can be adding stress then huh?
I've been feeding my goldfish mostly flakes, just recently adding blood worms to their diet. I never thought the flakes were a problem since none of the other fish would swim upside down, but it makes sense as well, Kiwi is a little different than my other two. But usually when I do feed them flakes, Kiwi usually hangs around the middle of the tank waiting for the flakes to drift down. Kiwi is a slower swimmer (I'm sure because of the tail fin) and the other two are usually the ones taking their food down with large intakes of air. So I'm kind of confused as to why Kiwi would have swim bladder problems if she never eats her food with air ?
What I'm also worried about is the competition for food in my tank. The largest one usually gobbles up most of the food. Is there any way I can ensure that Kiwi especially gets fed a larger portion?
Any recommendations for their diet? Anything I can do to reverse the effects of stunting? Thanks so much everyone!
Have you tried handfeeding Kiwi before? Either that or using a divider usually helps to get a fish to eat his fair share of foods. I mentioned earlier about gel foods. They're generally the best choice to have for floaty fish as the starch from several commercial food products also plays its role in buoyancy issues by letting the bacteria that digest the starch produce gas as the bacteria attempt to digest the starch. Hikari Lionhead does not have too much starch although unluckily, some goldfish have been found too sensitive on it as well (not as much as other brands) so a few goldfish had to be kept on strict gel food and vegetable diet instead although sardines/mackerel/tuna can be added for a little protein intake to encourage good growth.

There's no telling how big Kiwi may still gain but usually added space, very clean water and frequent feeding will encourage one to gain growth spurts. It's not easy to know though how much growth Kiwi can gain.

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Thanks so much Lupin I've read both your posts, and I have a feeling I'll be running out to the store to buy the Hikari brand pellets in no time. Also, I came upon the gel food recipes that I believe you posted in some other thread. They seem a little intense but I think I can set apart a day to try it out.

I think i'll try out more of the handfeeding teachnique. Currently I just wait until the other fish are fed until I feed Kiwi. Maybe if things get bad I can try out a divider but for now I'm an optemist.

And even if he doesn't grow any bigger I'll still love him all the same.
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