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how often?
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I just got some Jungle Ich Clear disolving tabs. I'm scared they'll munch on them, so Im going to pre-disolve them in tank water. I'll do a 50% vac before treating, then 25% vacs starting two days after medicating. A week after the 25% vacs have begun, I'll do a 25% then treat once more to make sure. I'll do a 50% vac three days after the second dose then return to my weekly 50% vaccums. Does this sound good?

Also, on the medications box, it says it prevents secondary infections, but on the back it advertises Jungle Fungus Clear to do that. I can't afford any more medications.
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ugh. im not allowed to do any water changes because "we just changed water and a fish is gonna' croak if a fish is gonna' croak whether we put two dollar tablets in or not."
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Don't stress over the water changes, I have treated ich without water changes in the past.
It's just preferred for best results...

Ich isn't the end of the world for fish, just a minor set back.

I doubt they will eat on it as it doesn't release food for them lol, but you can pre-dissolve them i suppose.
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Well, the smaller Oranda passed away last night and the pleco had his time devouring all of its scales and it's "cap". It looks as if the larger one was attacked by the pleco, is getting dropsy and has that same white growth on its "cap" as the smaller one did. I'm going to take them both back for store credit and just wait on getting anymore fish because that's the only place I can get fish from and they aren't healthy at all right now.
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Yeah I would definitely wait it out, rehome the pleco, get everything perfect for the next round.

You WILL need another filter in order to not starve your goldies of oxygen. For a 33g tank, an Aquaclear 70 would be perfect. A used one will run just as well as a new one (I've heard of people gettin 15 years of service out of these filters) and will only run you $10 or $15 at most. Put a LF ad in the classifieds here and also one on your local Craigslist. They aren't hard to come by. Plus the media only needs to be changed if it s falling apart (ie every few years) which is a HUGE money saver.

For now just focus on
-Getting rid of the pleco
-Curing your remaining fish
-Getting everything ready for more goldies.

Thankfully having less fish in the tank will help your situation until the ich is cured.

And remember don't rush things... its all too tempting to snatch up a goldfish when you see a perfect one in the store but you will be thanking yourself when you geteverything sorted out before buying more!!!
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I hope the store will take them back, some stores wont here unless you bring in water samples... which I'm thankful of that, because they teach those who don't have good water what to do, and teach them everything.

Take your time. I know money is tight with you all so do only what you can.
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I have to apologize, I didn't mean to abandon this post... I have been sick and not able to get online as much the past few days.
I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of the goldfish.
If the store will take them back, that would be the best thing for you as well as for the fish... and you might want to suggest to your mom that goldfish are not an easy or cheap fish to care for... they require a lot of water changes to keep their water clean.

Dawn Moneyhan
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Someone was asking about goldfish not having stomachs?

Here are some disgusting but informative pics of a goldfish dissection on the GAB.

Because they are constantly grazing (and consuming lots of dirt and muck as they do so) carp have not evolved a highly specific stomach. You can see that they do have one, just not much of a stomach to speak of. Usually its just referred to as a gastrointestinal tract. Judging by their eating habits I would only assume that plecos, apple snails and other perpetual eaters have the same sort of system going on.

This is why some high-end goldie foods ( I am thinking Dainichi by Inochi here) are actually formulated with clay to mimic the natural diet of carp.
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all of them passed away. the pleco is going tonight.
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