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hello and clown barbs

This is my first time posting here. As an introduction, my name is Doug and I live in Missouri. I have had a 29 gallon aquarium that has been going strong for over 2 years. I have 6 Gold barbs that are about two years old and 5 tiger barbs that are fairly young. I would like to add another group of barbs, and in my last visit to the local fish store I discovered clown barbs. I don't know much about them, and my research has turned up mixed results, so my question is how many can you keep without stress? I know they get bigger than the golds or tigers, but do they get too large for a 29 gallon? I would like to get just 2 if they aren't schooling fish. Of course I don't want unhappy fish, so I won't do anything that puts unnecessary stress on them. My tank is very healthy, and I keep up with weekly partial water changes. Thanks in advance for any insight on clown barbs.
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Hello, and welcome to FishForum. :)

Lets look at your current tank. 6 Gold Barbs w/ 5 Tiger Barbs. Gold Barbs average around 2", while Tigers at 3". 6 Gold Barbs = 12". 5 Tiger Barbs = 15". You have 27" in your tank already, and the basic rule of fish keeping is 1" of fish per gallon, full-grown. I wouldn't suggest adding the Clown Barbs. They like all other barbs need to be in a school. They also average 4-6" inches in length.
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