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Question Harlequin rosbara?

Has anyone got any experience with Harlequin rosbara fish?
I already have Platys and Mollys which and im looking at getting some new fish like these.
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I have a little, nothing extensive. Personally I have found them to be the most hearty, active smaller fish I've ever had. I've had neons, glowlight tetras, serpae tetras, some danios, but my favorite and easiest to care for I have found is my harlequin rasbora's. I have 8 of them in a 30 gallon in a semi agreesive tank and they do very well.

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I also have 6 of them in a 30 gallon tank along with zebra danios, platies, a gourami, and cory catfish. They are very easy to care for, active, and school together.

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would they do alright in a 20 gal in a group of 3 or 4?
Also how do you tell between male and female?
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Not sure how to tell if they are male or female but I have 10 in my 55 and they are awesome little fish. The more the merrier with these guys. I would at least do 6 if you have room in your tank.

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Originally Posted by Calmwaters View Post
The more the merrier with these guys. I would at least do 6 if you have room in your tank.
Not sure if ill have room for 6 because im putting 3 Mollys and 2 Guppies in this tank soon.
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how big is your tank? I love harlequin rasboras... I think they are so sweet, fairly hardy, peaceful, energetic, and just so fun to watch. I started out with three in my 10g tank at work, housed with guppies and platies. I wanted a bigger group so i brought them home and bought a bunch more... I now have 10 of them in my 67g tank, with mollies, angelfish, and a honey gourami. They are very impressive in a bigger group, and they are happier... I think I will probably end up with a few more.

It is pretty hard to tell the difference between males and females. I think i have read that the edge of the blue on males is a sharper, more vertical line, whereas the females have a softer, rounder edge at the bottom. Or i could have that backwards... check the profile for them - second tab from the left on the top of the page here.
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ooh... sorry for the double post. i just reread and saw that you already saaid 20g. :)
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Rasbora are shoaling fish, meaning they must be in a group or they will be stressed which means in poor health. Minimum 6 as someone mentioned. They shoal together more than most shoaling fish, swimming in a group almost constantly. They are very quiet, peaceful, not very active (not active swimmers such as danio and barbs for instance). Best in a planted tank, they like the security of plants around them. You can read more in our profile, click on the shaded name to go there, Harlequin Rasbora. It mentions water parameters, companion fish, etc.


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