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Harlequin native area tankmates

Okay, so right now we have a 10 gallon tank with 6 Harlequin Rasbora and a male Sunburst Platy. Here are the water parameters given from the city:
Hardness – Average 74 mg/L (this is general hardness – gh)
Alkalinity – Average 42 mg/L
pH – Average 7.7 (range 7.1 to 8.8)

I have tested the pH in my tank and it is only around 6.8. From reading, this is due to the low alkalinity correct? So with my water being soft and slightly acidic it is pretty good for my Harlequins, but not good for the platy.

Well we are about to be getting either a 3' 30 gallon or 4' 33 gallon long (not sure which, my uncle is giving it to us and it hasnt been used in a while). I would like to add a few more Harlequins and some other fish from the same area. Not really shooting for a biotope per say, just fish from the same region that would play nice with our Harlies. Thanks for your help!

Edit: We also want to add a school of corys as well. Are there any from SE Asia? I know most if not all prefer soft acidic water like the Harlequins, but are any from the same region or are they all from the Amazon region?

30 gallon:
6 Harlequin Rasbora
2 Bolivian Rams (1M/1F)
4 Corydoras Melanistius
2 Peppered Cory
1 Sunburst Platy (M)
1 Guppy (M)

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