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This is a discussion on Goldfish Breeding within the Cyprinids and Atherinids forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Funny you should mention that, when I start digging I might forget to stop! Until the wife tells me to at least....

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Funny you should mention that, when I start digging I might forget to stop! Until the wife tells me to at least.
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Originally Posted by colley614 View Post
Hi Lupin,

Thanks for replying to my post. I've read a lot of posts you have made on many forums with much interest. You really have a very wealthy knowledge of fish. Can you sex small common or comet fish as females. I've been looking at the vents on small fish and I'm sure I can see little tiny vents protruding on some fish. I stood there for a while looking at some fish that are about 3 inches, not including tales and although they were thin I swear that their vents were protruding slightly? Although my LFS is sure that they can only be sexed during the mating season? If the little protruding vent from a side angle is a sure sign then please let me know as soon as possible as there is a lovely common at the store at the moment and I'd love to buy it if I knew it was the little princess I've been looking for.
As long as your goldfish are well structured albeit not very skinny and already sexually matured, then it is possible. See this link.
Sexing Goldfish | Goldfish

I tried to accurately identify the sexes by looking at vents for juveniles. Note size will NOT accurately tell you the actual age. Until they are sexually matured, venting is very tricky although I successfully identified a few by their vents after a few months raising them.

If yours have vents protruding (as seen in the link above), then there is no doubt your goldies are females. Males should not have that.

If you plan to keep only singletails, don't keep any fancies with them. It is especially dangerous if you combine male singletails with female fancies. They'll get slammed brutally by the more powerful male singletails and even killed.

I'm fortunate that while I have fewer females in my collection, the ladies are far bulkier and bigger than the males so there is very little risk for them when they spawn. I do have a few males that are rather fat and easily mistaken for ripe females but they're really males.
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At the moment I've only got sinlgetails. I've only ever been interested in singletails up until joing the fish forums, now I'm starting to get a little more interested in other types of goldies. I'm looking at getting a second tank in the next couple of weeks for the overload in my first tank. Funny how the LFS told me that it was ok to store so many fish in the tank. When I went back and said I needed another tank they agreed that I had far too many fish in the tank, funny because I went other their recommendations! I might put my money were my mouth is and buy one with a small vent and see if it is a female.
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Don't believe in everything the store tells you. It's very expensive to spend for orientation programs to train new employees so store managers just hire regardless of your experiences.
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I spoke to a LFS today about my goldfish and sexing them and stuff turns out that he only goes by the spots on their faces. I keep getting told I can only sex during mating season, that's why I know mine are boys? I only sexed them last week. Apparently I'd have to run my tank at a lower temperature for a couple of months to get their spots to show, funny they show but I've had my tank at a constant temperature for 3 years at least.I've always thought that the LFS were gods when it came to fish knowledge but I'm starting to think otherwise the more knowledge I grasp the more I find them contradicting something I've read 5-6 times in different books and different websites.
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If I checked back here before you went to the LFS I would have told you my number 1 rule:


Even LFS employees or owners who frequent or sponsor my local forum... I still take everything they say with a grain of salt. Don't egt me wrong they are correct sometimes but unless you wanna find out the hard way, reference all their advice on a forum or in a book before you act on it.

Many goldfish breeders who display fish on their websites flip the fish over and get a close up of its rear so oyu can see what sex it is. I think Rain Garden does this? You could check that site out if you want to practice sexing some goldfish lol.
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Old 02-15-2010, 05:19 PM   #17
Today I found somebody that helps rescue fish and he sells tanks cheap, am thinking of seeming him for a second tank
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Yeah second-hand tanks are the way to go. Tanks don't really deteriorate that much with age and used tanks are a fraction of the price.
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Old 03-06-2010, 12:30 PM   #19
I've found myself a second tank its around 160ltrs which works out 42 gallon so now I'm going to split my collect into 2 groups. I also have 2 Chinese algae eaters in my tank so I'm going to split these up as they appear to be very territorial over their parts of the tank.
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