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Goldfish Breeding

Hi Guys,

I'm just wondering what I need to do to start breeding my goldfish.
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Get a massive tank. Goldfish are extremely messy and produce a lot of messy little fry. While you read up on the subject you may want to begin conditioning the male and female with high-quality pellets, frozen bloodworms, lots of veggies. You might want to make your own gel food for them to get them up to scratch before breeding.

If you havent already I suggest you purchase a copy of Fancy Goldfish by Eric L. Johnson. Very informative book.

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I don't have a female yet I only have 3 males in my tank. I feed them tetra goldfish pellets but am upset that these pellets float in my tank. The frozen bloodworm I'm feeding a couple of times a week and I've just started feeding frozen peas that I've shelled and cut up. Is there anything else I could do to help their diet. I feed twice daily or sometimes I will feed pellets around 9am bloodworm 4pm then around 8-9pm I'll feed pellets or peas. What about the gels how do I make these, sounds very interesting!

I do a 20% water change once a week and clean out the gravel (although I'm thinking of changing to fine sand?) I have a 96 liter tank with 7 goldfish in which I've just found out is overstocked! I'm aiming to set up a pond this summer so hopefully I can hold out until then, would bigger water changes help until then? Or more frequent water changes? 9say twice a week) The other 5 are tiny at the moment but I don't want to stunt growth so I'm up for anything. I've even thought about getting a second tank up and running until summer but would have to find a free tank from somewhere or very cheap at least.
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Some foods I have found to be extremely good are Ocean Nutrition, Dainichi (by Inochi), New Life Spectrum, Omega One, Hikari Lionhead and Saki-Hikari. I recommend choosing 2 or 3 of these foods so that your goldfish get a more varied diet.

For fresh foods, blanched kale and spinach are decided superfoods. Kale is espescially high in every sort of nutrient... If only I could bring myself to eat it more often! Orange is a good source of Vitamin C and other than that you can try pretty much any fruit or veggie they will eat!

Frozen foods... red wrigglers, bloodworms, krill and tubifex are all good.

You can find gel food recipes on many specialised goldfish forums such as Koko's and the G.A.B. Basically what they consist of is a few ingredients like fresh seafood, fruits, veggies and a multivitamin blended with gelatin and water in a blender and poured out into ice-cube trays to cool. The advantage is that since the food is not baked none of the ingredients lose their nutrients. Also, it is a good way of feeding your fish things normally too small for them to find such as tubifex worms and daphnia.

Until you get your pond I would recommend changing the water very frequently. You can purchase a master test kit so you can monitor toxins like ammonia, nitrite and nitrate and change the water when they get too high. Another motive for changing your water is to encourage growth. All fish secrete a growth-inhibiting hormone into the water. The more of it they sense in the water, the less they grow. In the wild this is useful because if they are in a crowded pond they don't have to eat, and therefore compete for food as much. But in aquariums this effect is drastically amplified to the point where fish actually do in a sense grow to the size of their tanks! Unfortunately their skeletons will 'stunt' but their organs do not, and eventually the fish will die from organ compression. Even minor, non-life threatening stunting is bad news for goldie enthusiasts because the bigger the goldfish, the more beautiful.
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Thanks for the information. I'm going to have to look into all these things. One thing I was really interested in was conditioning my own water for my tank. I use purified water for work so what I was thinking of doing is putting maybe 50 gallons to one side stripped of everything and then rebuilding the water myself adding all the minerals that the goldfish need without anything they don't. It will pull out the chlorine and things like that. I'll just have to find out what the fish need in the water before doing stuff like that as I could potentially make it more toxic than tap water.

Making my own food is also something I'm going to look into. I bet you could give the fish a very good balanced diet which can only be good for the fish. I always try to give my fish something other than just pellets, I don't feed flake as I've been told it causes swim bladder issues.
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Yeah I think the big no-no is anything that floats, not so much because of the air inside it but because when the goldfish eats it they swallow air from the surface. Flakes are really messy and pretty much useless IMO but floating pellets shouldn't be an issue if you hand-feed them because you can just hold the pellet underwater and presto! No air-swallowing.
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I have been doing a bit of research into making my own fish foods tonight. I even went to ASDA (wallmart) to do a bit of research and I'm thinking of something along the lines or broccoli, spinach, scallops, mackerel or sardines, multivitamins, omega 3-6-9 tablets, vitamin c tablets. Blender them then thickened with gelatine leaves. That is sort of a rough draft and I'll have to do a lot more reading into it before I set about doing it.

On the overcrowding issue I'm going to find a second tank for now until I get my pond up and running, there is no way I can let them fish live in them conditions for much longer. I'll source one through a news paper or local free ads paper.

Then the only thing left is to find a female. What time of year do the females come into season?

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You'll want to find females by distinguishing through vents. Find a nub protruding. It's most likely a female especially if this one is already fat and seems ripe with eggs.

As the eggs are adhesive, you better have your spawning mops or bushy plants ready instead. Ignore the eggs stuck on glass. They're too adhesive and you will only frustrate yourself removing them. It's not a big loss as the goldies will continue spawning for weeks. Do a big water change immediately after they spawn. Eggs can foul your water very quickly.

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Hi Lupin,

Thanks for replying to my post. I've read a lot of posts you have made on many forums with much interest. You really have a very wealthy knowledge of fish. Can you sex small common or comet fish as females. I've been looking at the vents on small fish and I'm sure I can see little tiny vents protruding on some fish. I stood there for a while looking at some fish that are about 3 inches, not including tales and although they were thin I swear that their vents were protruding slightly? Although my LFS is sure that they can only be sexed during the mating season? If the little protruding vent from a side angle is a sure sign then please let me know as soon as possible as there is a lovely common at the store at the moment and I'd love to buy it if I knew it was the little princess I've been looking for.
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When I asked about breeding feeder gold fish for my oscar, I was told to purchase a small piece of land with a decent sized lake on it...

Not that this is helpful. I just found it kinda funny.

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