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Oh and here is a link to a site that sells them, Arizona Aquatic Gardens ->
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Originally Posted by Mikaila31 View Post
Yes the celestial danio (another name) has been over harvested. I remember when they first hit the hobby, they where in high demand and still are. $30 a fish was common in the beginning. They were vulnerable from the beginning as they populate a very small area. They are fairly easy to breed in the proper setup and I'm sure you can find lots of info online pertaining to this. I've seen them in shops, but I'm not that attracted to them.

Captive breeding IMO will/has taken off with this fish. As numbers in the wild decrease, catching them and exporting them becomes quite difficult and expensive as more time is put in for fewer fish. The cheaper method is for the fish farms to breed them, especially with a fish that is in such high demand. As far as I know most of the ones you see in stores are tank raised today. I'll have to pay closer attention to the exporter lists I look at. They normally list the fish as wild, captive breed, or german bred. A 10gal is enough to breed these fish in the right water conditions.

As long as the harvesting is reduced, which usually happens with captive breeding taking off, there is no reason(that I know of) the wild populations will not recover.

I currently own some wild caught fish from Myanmar. Garra flavatra in my sig. Also newer fish, entered the hobby only a year before the celestial daino. One farm started breeding them in 2008. I hope to breed mine as I really love them. They have a large wild population, so are not at risk for over-harvesting. They like to hid under/between rocks when scared. Making them time consuming to collect.
I would suggest asking your LFS if theirs are "captive bred" (as opposed to caught out there).

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I'd honestly be surprised if they knew.

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Originally Posted by Tyyrlym View Post
I'd honestly be surprised if they knew.
That's very true, I usually find that I know way more than them and I hardly know anything!

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Yes that really depends on the store. Most stores don't import themselves, they buy from wholesellers who import the fish from various countries, where they may or may not be captive bred. There are a few stores near me in the twin cities, that I know have a import license. These stores are also very close, 5-10min from an international airport. Otherwise its much easier/cheaper to buy from a wholeseller. It also depends on the exporter. Some lists contain information such as breeding or orgins. Wild or tank raised. Some lists don't include any of this information. It the wholeseller knows this information, It then depends if it is included on the lists given to retail stores.

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I've already ordered 24 from You all can see whether or not it looks like they sell wild-caught or tank bred. I got the impression they supply tank-bred only.
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