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Cleaning clowns.

Has anyone ever seen there clown loaches clean other fish? I've got a big tiger koi and two of my clown loaches like to swim against the big koi while he thrashes around violently. Has anyone else seen this kind of behavior before?

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i've seen pleco do this, but it shows that the larger fish is sick.I'm not sure about loaches.Better keep and eye on you koi.

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my GUESS is they may be feeding from the kois slime coat? or as kitten mentioned have an illness.

i hate to burst your bubble but clown loaches get about a foot - foot 1/2 a piece, not to even mention koi getting way bigger then that. ive seen 30+ year old koi that were 3-4 feet each. i wish i took pictures. a healthy year old koi will be about a foot - foot and a half. ontop of all of that, koi are cooler water fish. please research first.
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I keep a group of clowns and I've never seen them do this to any of my other fish. Thrashing violently would have me very concerned. Perhaps you should consider rehoming the koi to a more appropriate tank?

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My guess would be that they're picking on the slime coat. As was mentioned, these two fish really don't belong in the same tank together as they have different needs and could have other compatibility issues, as you're seeing.

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