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Cherry Barb

This is a discussion on Cherry Barb within the Cyprinids and Atherinids forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Hi, Can anyone give me information on these guys? I am looking into getting them to go in my new tank i will be ...

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Cherry Barb

Can anyone give me information on these guys? I am looking into getting them to go in my new tank i will be setting up. They will be in with guppies and other fish. Can you also tell me where i can buy them online? My local pet store doesnt have a good variety of tropical fish.
Thank You,
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Aquabid is a good place to look for fish. Cherry barbs are very common so you shouldn't have any trouble finding them at a reasonable price.

They are a great fish to keep - very entertaining to watch. I suggested a large school because they do best that way. The only time people run into issues with them is when they only keep a few. I would keep an equal ratio of males to females, but in a large group that's not as important. In a small group, with too few males, the dominant one can bully the subordinate. Too few females, and the males can harass them to no end.

Here's their profile

Puntius titteya
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I had five Mountain Cloud Minnows (or so I thought) until I realized one looked a bit different from the others. Also had whiskers! I posted a pic, and come to find out it was a Cherry barb! A female--very obvious as it was a good size and not the degree of red (more of a cocoa brown/tan/black) that the males are. Well, I knew she was lonely, as she tried to "buddy up" with the minnows, who wanted nothing to do with her. So I found her a male. As soon as he went into the tank after his quarantine, she KNEW he was her kind! lol. She followed him everywhere, and now they are inseparable. I cant get more, as my tank would be close to overstocked if I did. I'd always thought small fish were skittish, but these guys are more personable than any small fish I've had. I mean, you can't pet them like I can my female bettas (but what fish is more personable than a female betta?) but they don't scurry for cover when I get close to the glass to watch them. They sometimes even come right up to the glass to visit with me. I highly recommend them, and am glad I got the one by mistake, otherwise I never would have had the opportunity to enjoy their personalities. My two love the tiki hut that I have, and spend a lot of time in there when they aren't swimming around, exploring.
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Just wait till you get the opportunity to keep a school of 10+
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