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Carnival Gold Fish

This is a discussion on Carnival Gold Fish within the Cyprinids and Atherinids forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Hi Guys! Today I was out with my little sister (she's 3) and we went to the carnival. She played one of those games ...

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Exclamation Carnival Gold Fish

Hi Guys!

Today I was out with my little sister (she's 3) and we went to the carnival. She played one of those games where you throw a ball into a bowl and win a gold fish She won one, and I couldn't just leave him there. They had the fish stacked in prepackaged bags in a huge bucket.

SO.... I brought him home and put him in a 2 gallon with clean water (no heater--the temp is probably in the 60s) and a few ornaments to make him feel safer. I figure that I will just bring him to a LFS tomorrow. Is this ok? Anything I need to do for him? I have literally no experience with goldfish, no food... etc. He will be better off at the LFS than a 14 gallon, right? (I have a 14 gallon but I have my betta fish, Paxton, in there).

Thanks so much for your help!
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Oh the carnival goldfish . . . unfortunately goldfish are typically not properly cared for. Goldfish have a high bio-load & require lots of filtration, a proper diet of veggies/fruits & not just pellets/flakes, it is generally advised that one goldfish (depending on type) have a bare min. of a 20g & then another 10g per additional goldie. I commend you wanting to save him/her, its tough to see any living creature treated poorly. Unless you're willing and able to properly care for the goldie I would definitely rehome.
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