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Boris the Russian, territorial Cherry Barb behaviour?

I never thought that I would be naming any cherry barbs in our tank, we have twelve and I am not even certain of the male/female mix but I think it is near half and half.

The dominant male, determined only because he is the reddest of the bunch, oddly happens to also be the smallest. He defends his little piece of the tank with such aggressiveness that I wonder that he isn't harming any of the other barbs that encroach into his space, but none seem the worse for the chasing. He won't let ANY into this space. We have a male betta, Oscar, who isn't even looked at even when Oscar hangs in his space.

Somewhere along the way I dubbed him Boris, the Russian.

I didn't think that these barbs displayed this sort of territorial behaviour. It's always the same space, near the top of the upright driftwood right in front of the heater and he stops the chase short of centre tank, about a third. With twelve I am starting to wonder if I setup a similar space on the other side, would I end up with two territories and two dominant males? The tank is only 30" long and I hadn't planned on a dividing plant layout, just lots of tall rear plants with some smaller mid and foreground plants.

I'm not concerned, fish will do what fish will do, but is this normal for Cherry Barbs?


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