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Question blowing bubbles

Hi, I have a 10 gal with 1 very small goldfish, I believe he was a feeder that somehow survived. I've had him for about a year. Well he is now in the upper corner of the tank blowing bubbles. Like there is a whole row of them, then he goes to the bottom and picks around then back up to the corner and more bubbles. I noticed it doing this once before but never paid it much attention. Is it anything to this!!

leopard danios (danios rock)
green cories
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well goldfish dont make bubble nests and they arent anabantoids so they dont have a labrinth organs but if its not broke/sick dont fix it/cure it

its a half a inch of water and you think your gunna drown
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Fighttest is right. Goldfish have strange behavioral patterns sometimes. Is he eating well? My goldfish actually make bubbles from time to time.

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He is eating well, not acting sick in any way. It almost looks like he is playing with the bubbles. I was just really curious and wanted to make sure everything was ok.

Thanks much

leopard danios (danios rock)
green cories
ghost shrimp
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Hehe. Really playful behaviour. Sometimes they can be weird.

I once had a goldfish which kept on staring a particular decoration. Whenever he passed by this decor, he would swim around it and look at it for quite some time. It stopped when I did a rearrangement and moved that said object. Btw, it was just a small ceramic pot.

Your fish love watching you as much as you love watching them. So please practice responsible fishkeeping.
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