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3 goldfish is your max... most people stock 20g for the first goldie and 10g for each additional fish. This gives you room for error (ie one of your goldie gets humongous), plus it takes into account the substrate (which would eat up at least 5g in a 40g breeder). Also, even numbers are bad feng shui... if youre keeping goldie you gotta go all the way :D Personally I think 4 is kind of a wonky number... 3 goldies will be a lot more aesthetically pleasing.
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Originally Posted by kelly528 View Post
Personally I think 4 is kind of a wonky number... 3 goldies will be a lot more aesthetically pleasing.
For some reason i have to agree! I can see 3 golds looking perfect in a tank but 4 ruins the whole scene!
But no matter how hard i try to explain why 3 is perfect 4 is a bust i cant...

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ancient feng-shui psychology :D

I kid! I kid. In art, subjects such as flowers, fruit, birds, etc. are depicted in odd numbers because it looks more natural.
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Actually, that is so true. Everything in nature is in odd numbers - petals of a flower for instance. I landscape, and always plant in odd numbers.
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Originally Posted by ThePearlFish View Post
How many of them can I fit comfortably in a 40g Breeder tank? I am not planning on setting up this tank anytime soon, but a few years from now I will have a free 40g breeder. I am interested in setting up a goldfish tank.
2-3 only. Black moors, orandas, ryukins, fantails, ranchus and lionheads are a few of the largest fancies. If you insist keeping any of these, then keep three only. Crown and tikus pearlscales are also worth keeping but a little more challenging to keep since they are very prone to floaty issues, bullying and bacterial infections if not well cared for.

Would this be possible and what other fish can be kept with a cold water species of fish like the goldfish?

Not many will do well with goldfish for several reasons: fancies are very slow and unable to compete well for food, some will easily be gobbled, temperature cannot be compromised, goldfish are not used to being pushed around.

You can try large female guppies, bristlenose plecos, rubberlipped plecos, white cloud mountain minnows and dojo loaches. Do not expect your female guppies or even white cloud mountain minnows to last for a long time though. They may eventually be gobbled by your goldfish as the goldfish quickly grow.

Also what type of filters would be the best for Goldfish? Power? Under Gravel?

No UGF. 10x turnover rate of filtration is the minimum. HOB, canisters and gutter filters are your best options.

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