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barbs dying

This is a discussion on barbs dying within the Cyprinids and Atherinids forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> well that is a good ratio for the cherry barbs, so i agree, i dont think they are stressed from being chased and harrassed...........The ...

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well that is a good ratio for the cherry barbs, so i agree, i dont think they are stressed from being chased and harrassed...........The nitrite reading is a real concern though, nitrite will do permanent damage to your fishes internal organs that is irreversible...........Depending on how long your nitrite was spiked it would be the leading cause of your barbs demise.......nitrite spikes are cause for alarm in an established tank, something caused it to spike and i would be willing to bet, their was an ammonia spike before the nitrite spike...........Did you add any fish lately?..........or replace your filter media recently before this happenened?..........Something had to cause the spike.......
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Yes there was an ammonia spike i added ammo lock to help with that and was advised to use TSS from then on of which i have been doing. The only new fish have been the 2 cory cats last week. The filter media has not been changed.
oh have also now found 15 fry in the tank now all safely in breeder trap

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I would say the health problems are a result of ammonia and nitrite poisoning.

Fish stores recommend products for ammonia removal, but water changes are the best way to lower and remove toxins. Prime is also a great water conditioner, used with water changes, it will help make ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates less toxic.
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