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That tank is already WAY OVERSTOCKED!!! I would never put more than 8 neons in a 10 gallon tank, and that if they are the only fish in there. Swordtails reach about 5 inches each, and grow fast, the glo lite tetra about 1 1/2 - 2 inches, and bristlenose plecos reach 5 -7 inches easy.
I was going to suggest, that instead of adding fish to eat the algae, maybe some cherry shrimp would be the better solution, but I'm not going to suggest those in a tank stocked that heavily.
I will also suggest, as was already mentioned, check nitrate levels!!
The thing about algae is that there are a zillion ways to get rid of it, but if it's a problem, then something is causing it. If you don't first find out what's causing it, you could do more harm than not in leaving it or treating it as you're wanting to, with critters that will eat it. Algae needs 2 things to grow... nutrient levels and light. In a 10 gallon tank with your population, an algae problem doesn't surprise me.
IF your nitrate levels are way up, it wouldn't be safe for more animals of any kind in this tank, and that also would mean that it is unsafe for the fish currently in it, unless the problem is corrected.
Can you please test for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH, then post the exact results here? Please don't use strip tests, as they are very inaccurate and I consider them a huge waste of money and dangerous to rely on. If you don't have test kits, most LFS's will test your water for free. If you take it there, please ask them to write down EXACT results and the brand name and type of test kits they used (strip kits, liquid kits, dry tab kits)
With this information, and if you could tell us how often you are doing water exchanges, gravel vacs, how much water each time, how often you are changing any carbon in your filter, the type of filter you are using, and how often you feed your fish, we can help you much quicker to resolve your algae problem, and maybe help you to prevent the loss of your current fish. Also, how long has this tank been set up?

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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All tests were calibrated.

Ammonia - 0
Nitrites - 0
pH - 7.2
NO3 - 10-15, checked twice every other week
PO4 - 1-2
AC20 HOB, never use carbon, not good for plants
Tank set up for 18 months
Water change weekly, 50-60%
Gravel vac as much as possible with every water change, very little mulm, water is still clear in bucket.
Feed fish once a day, 5 days a week a mixture of different food crushed for little fish and once a week I feed veggies or fruit of some kind.

I test bimonthly, nitrates bottom out by the end of the week regularly even with dosing 7ppm 3x a week. PO4 drops to almost unreadable but I dose low, haven't had a fish mortality in 8 months except for when I added tetras to tank from LFS and they were feeder size and in bad shape, lost 2 out 12.

Swordtails are swords, max of 2.5 inches, not sure which ones you mean get to 5 inches? Sorry if I confused there, they are temporary in there anyway until they are big enough to determine gender. Never had a problem with diseases nor stress except when I added CO2 for about 6 months and my male BN moped until I took it out 3 weeks ago.

Not sure if that helps except for the fact my nitrates bottom out often which has been shown to cause algae problems. I had green spot when I dropped my PO4 dosing down too low and it was bottoming out. Got the algae when I removed the CO2, never had any type of algae in the tank while it was in there.

Maybe adding fish is a bad idea, I do know I keep my tanks as clean as possible and provide the best I can for the fish. With so many plants, the neons play in and out of them and seem to be happy. Their color is better than I have ever seen as well as the BN and the swords. I know the tank exceeds the inches/gallon rule but the fish are happy otherwise I wouldn't have that many. One of the main reasons I switched all of my tanks to heavy planted was in order to support the fish and provide a healthier environment.

Nevermind about the swordtails, I looked them up and didn't even know they could be that big. I have never had one get above 2.5 inches and she is the largest one I have ever seen and one of the prettiest.
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