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AAAHHH! They spawned!


I was cleaning the tank today, and discovered a patch of gravel that was full of fine white granules. I'm thinking that my zebra danios spawned. This occured in my community tank.

How long until the eggs hatch?

Do I try and raise the fry?

Do I just let nature take it's course?

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i found this through a google is only a small section on breeding....

The fry will hatch in two days. Fry are very tiny, and can easily be lost when changing water, so take care when maintaining the grow-out tank. Feed the young commercially prepared fry food, or finely crushed dry foods. Powdered egg may also be added to the fry food to promote growth.

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whether or not to raise the fry is really up to you i would suggest setting a separate tank up for the fry if you want to keep them safe other wise lots of places to hide like plants or structures.... congrats on the eggs!!! (personally i would research and try :)...)

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I'll really crush up my flake food and hope the fry can eat it. I have a dinky 1 gallon ex betta tank that I could potentially put the fry in, if I could catch them. But I've got no filter or heater for that tank. The only heat it would get would be from the christmas light in the hood. Hmm... I wonder if water changes from the main tank would work...
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you would have to change the water hourly to maintain temp in such a small tank....a simple sponge filter would work you could make one for under $3.... as for heat i would say a cheep heater from like walmart or something... ohhhhh wait another idea would be a breader net or something like it.... you could make one from plastic canvas for about $2 or buy one for around 7..... that way they are in the main tank with filter heat and safety :)

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I talked to my family about the potential fry, and I think I'm going to let nature take it's course with them. I'm not set up to raise or breed fish.

I've set up my little tank as an experiment, it's been a constant 25 deg Celcius for the last two hours.
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