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what are these?

This is a discussion on what are these? within the Coral and Reef Creatures forums, part of the Advanced Saltwater Discussion category; --> you make it into a paste and only put it on what you want to kill.aptasia will taste it as soon as its on ...

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you make it into a paste and only put it on what you want to kill.aptasia will taste it as soon as its on it and swollow some and die right away.i make it reel thick and use a syringe with no needle to squirt it over the unwanted pest.i then leave it there where it turns hard and months later it will just crumble away.it won't hurt anything it does'nt touch.i got some on a mushroom and it looked sad for a few wks.it did'nt outright kill hydroids but i completely covered them and they eventually died.i can't see it hurting anything you don't directly put it on.don't just dump it in.
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Originally Posted by caferacermike
The Kalk method works great. Want to save about $10? Go to Walmart and buy a 1lb can of Pickling Lime over in the canning section for $2.20. It is the exact same calcium hydroxide as any hobby Kalk.

If you don't have any predators you could add peppermint shrimp to naturally eat away the aptasia. Rabbit fish might, copperband butterfly fish will but are very hard to keep alive if not experienced.
ARE YOU SERIOUS MIKE?!?!?!?!?! I searched the super walmart high and low and couldnt find Pickling Lime there anywhere.. Seriously, I checked like every possible location in the store, and to no avail. Any idea if this is a seasonal item? Actually, that would make sense, it may be seasonal up here because of the short harvest period. I know they only sell the canning jars around the fall up here. You wouldnt happen to have a Pic of the packaging so I know what the hell I'm looking for?

If the aptasia are small, you can try the peppermint shrimp route, as Mike said, But I wouldnt expect to see miraculous results. I had a small outbreak of them and the peppermint shrimp took care of all but a few of the bigger ones. Lucky for me they were all on the very same edge of the very same rock. I just chiseled off that section of rock. Problem solved. I havent seen any since, until just the other day when I spotted one in the sump, and one in the overflow.
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