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As for stable water conditions, I have inter-connected all of the tanks to one large filter (100 gallons). That makes a total of about 310 gallons in total. Since I regularly maintenance, that shouldn't be a problem since its not easy to mess up that large of a system. I am building a new tank specifically for the jellyfish. It will be 12" tall, 24" wide, and 60" long, with rounded corners and a special overflow with a guard to keep them safe.
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Sounds like you have it pretty well covered. If anyone can pull it off, you probably can. You have the resources in place now...
Please keep us posted as things happen, this can be a great learning experience for everyone!!
Good Luck!

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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Ok thanks, I just ordered the acrylic to build it's tank, I will post some pictures when I get a chance to start it.
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Ok... Me and a friend started building the round jellyfish tank today. I let my friend caulk it because 'he is an expert' (So he thinks), he blew up the caulk gun, and now there is aquarium sealant all over the pool house. lol. So I have to start over again... alone. :D
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Combining all tanks into one central sump CAN be a horrible idea. I've seen many fish stores wiped out by doing this. Once a contaminant makes it into one tank it is only a matter of time until all tanks share the bad days ahead. So think bout it, if you have an outbreak of ICH in one tank, every tank suffers. If a friend accidentally drops a chemical in one tank all tanks suffer.

Not trying to tell you how to run your system, just pointing out the obvious.
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I am aware of that, I have back-up filters on all the tanks so if one starts to look bad, I can shut off the central filter. I have them all together because it makes the system easier to maintain.
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also, on top of the back-up filtration, I have a computerized aquarium controller that monitors EVERYTHING and will shut down the main system if it detects any chemicals. I am going to put a UV on the system though, as an extra fail-safe. I will consider splitting the system, and running the 100 gallon sump on the 125 gallon tank only, and but a 20-40 gallon sump for the jellyfish tank.
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I've seen way to many tank melt downs, mine included when I had an Ozone generator fail. I would definitely suggest you split the reef from the rest of the systems. No amount of gadgetry will prevent a simple human mistake. There is a story online of how one of the nicest reef tanks in the US was wiped out because a guy accidentally filled his sump with un-dechlorinated water because he somehow managed to drain almost all the water out of his tank. In the middle of the night he desperately mixed up 300g of water and forgot to add the dechlorinator. I lost a $1,700 Efflo due to my simple mistake and EVERY fish when my O3 generator stayed on longer than programmed. Had it been tied to another tank, even more would have been lost.

Is only meant as an FYI, it's your system do as you want.
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Ok, I'll split it, there's nothing expensive in either, but there will be soon.
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I have to ask... what kind of aquarium sealant are you attempting to use? If it's silicone... fair warning, it won't seal or adhere to acrylic. Standard caulk won't work either. With acrylic aquariums it's difficult to find something to properly seal it and not be toxic to the fish. There are a lot of sealants on the market if you go to a hardware store, but most of them are toxic and few of them can withstand the harshness of the salt.

I don't ever suggest anyone attempt to build their own tank, especially for saltwater. Building an aquarium is a lot more complicated than sticking a few pieces of glass or acrylic together. To hold the water weight (remember, salt water is more dense and that also makes it heavier) an aquarium has to be braced properly when it's being sealed... and this also is not so easy to do.
If you are determined to try to build your own tank, especially a round one... I would highly suggest filling it with water outdoors and letting it sit for at least a couple of wks to make sure it doesn't leak. Even 35 gallons of water can cause extreme amounts of damage if it leaks or breaks... with saltwater, the damage would be much more extensive and expensive.

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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