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Ok thanks .
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These Sun Corals don't tend to do well in common home aquaria. They need to be fed some type of phytoplankton or oyster eggs or something like that. Daily feedings are probably best and if you do it at a certain time, they may even start to expand before you feed them (give that a couple of months at least...). They prefer moderately strong currents (in nature a current that will bring them food), so the closer to the powerhead the better. Most of the time you won't see the polyps expanded, just around feeding time. I have tried this species of coral a couple times and have never had long success with it.

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It is doing much better where i had put it the other day it is on the side by the powerhead . Too bad for us newbies falling for the pretty stuff and then finding out you werent told the negative stuff. Which actually i do make a habit to ask..... and have found. Most are more worried about the sale
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I have 2 sun corals 1 is doing great other hasn't open in over 6 months but I know its not dead since the skeleton is still bright orange tried everything I'm at my last wits with it

37 gal bow front (saltwater)
octopus 150 skimmer
external penguin bio wheel 150 packed with cheato
ETH 200 watt inline heater
3 power heads 500gph
in line UV sterilizer

30 gal (brackish)
bio filter
under-gravel 2 power-heads 250gph

30 gal hex (freshwater)
bio filter
under gravel 2 power heads 170gph

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Mine is looking ok but not like it was in the store. Talked to the store they said to but bottle over it to feed it, feed when light off . I moved my so it got movement from the powerhead and under a hangover flat rock and it has helped alot. I wony buy another one
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