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skim or no skim

This is a discussion on skim or no skim within the Coral and Reef Creatures forums, part of the Advanced Saltwater Discussion category; --> Just thought i would post some answers to some one who asked me can i mix soft corals with lps/sps in the same enclosed ...

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skim or no skim

Just thought i would post some answers to some one who asked me can i mix soft corals with lps/sps in the same enclosed system.Well i have be doing this for years at the moment i have at least 15 soft corals of varios forms in my semi reef tank mixed with 4 lps and 3 sps it can be done but as the soft corals have a defence mechanism and teritory defence by using toxins in some form or another and the hard corals usualy have stinging mechanisms you have to keep the toxin levels at a very low state and keep also the fish levels down .I have found after 15years of keeping these corals in a mixed tank the best way is to keep all soft corals well away from the hard corals and SKIM using the best and most powerful skimmer you can afford. I use a turboflour which i find is great for my 470ltr tank. Some people advise not to over skim but if you turn off the skimmer when feeding the corals as i do for about 1 hour it does not seem to increase the levels of toxins given off by the softies..i have posted a picture of my tank on the pice section of this site so you can see the results . The tank is filtered with 120lb of good grade living rock 6 powerheads and a skimmer that is it .I do 25%water changes per month and supliment calcium/strontium/iodine/and occasionally buffer it to keep the kh and ph stable /temp is at 25c and is lit by twin metal halide lights and 6 acctinic tubes on fo 10 hours a day .So there it is you can mix softies with lps/sps but you must remember these corals have different stratigic defence mechanisms so strong skimming i believe is the answer. i would apreciate your views.........................
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about one cup of carbon to every 55 gallons would'nt hurt either.i'm doing the same thing so i have as much filter as i can fit.skimmer, mechanical,chemical,plenum,lots of liverock,a 29gallon sump with a huge mass of chaetto with a bright light so i harvest half of it every a 15 gallon water change every month on a 55 gallon display tank.i'd post pics if i knew how.
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yes your right a cup of good carbon would go well too i have not used it for a long time but yes it can be an asset to removing the toxic compounds that softies release...your setup sounds the bees knees.......
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