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sexy shrimp

I was wondering if the cleaner(skunk) shrimp is compatible witha sexy shrimp? any ideas on that? I also have a camel shrimp in the tank but will gladly remove it to make space for the sexy shrimp.

I am building a new tank now but since the sexy shrimp are quite rare at my lfs, and he has just 2 in now i thought of growing the 2 sexy shrimp in a hatchery till they are ready to move into my seahorse tank which is in the process of being made right now. any opinions? :o

the 2 sexy shrimp are TINY in size and would make an easy meal for a juvenile lionfish (just using that as an example for size)
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-The shrimp are compatible. But, I wouldn't put any in a tank over 10 gallons, if not 5. You wouldn't notice them in a larger tank. They also like to be in groups of 3 or more, and odd numbers help (for some reason).
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the cleaner shrimp should be fine but I would be very hesitant on mixing the sexy's with a camel, though they are normally only predatory towards polyps i would not put it past a camel shrimp to grab an unsuspecting sexy : )
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alright so if i get 3 sexy shrimp and grow them in a hatchery, am i covered for about 2 months till my next tank is up and running?
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