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This is a discussion on sea urchins within the Coral and Reef Creatures forums, part of the Advanced Saltwater Discussion category; --> yeah there was a typo for the salinity :p Also the sea horse tank was just a thought so i`m not rushing into anyhting ...

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yeah there was a typo for the salinity :p

Also the sea horse tank was just a thought so i`m not rushing into anyhting just yet. I plan to move just the cleaner wrasse to the bigger tank, and get maybe a niger trigger. and eventually in the long run a blue fin pygmy angel.
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If you work with that stocking list for the 60 you're going to have a mess on your hands. You can't mix a trigger with a cleaner wrasse, and in that size of a tank, you will have maybe weeks with the angel before the trigger tears it apart. While the Niger trigger is known to be one of the least aggressive of the triggers, they are still extremely aggressive and predatory. The only kinds of fish you'll be able to mix with a niger trigger long term are other triggers, maybe a puffer fish... or an eel. And in 60 gallons... even 1 trigger won't last there too long. Niger triggers average about 12 - 14 inches full grown, there isn't enough space in a 60 gallon tank to keep one beyond about 3 - 4 inches. They need swimming space, they need territory, then need clean water, they need oxygen. They are messy eaters and require a minimum of 125 gallons, and this for only 1 - 2 fish before its full. (depending on the species of fish) A 60 gallon tank is only 36 inches long... not hardly enough swimming room for a 12 - 14 inch fish.

The fish you have now would thrive in the 60 gallon... but long term, those can't stay in the 32 either. Again, its a matter of space, oxygen content in the water, water quality, territorial habits.

All and all, you're stocking idea for that 60 gallon won't work. Time to give it more thought. If you need more help or suggestions, please let me know. I will always help when it saves a life!
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alright, i was planning to leave just the blenny and the 2 clowns in the 32 gallon. so the cleaner would eventually move. the shrimp could stay. and i guess the lobster could too.[/list]
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