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This is a discussion on RBTA diary within the Coral and Reef Creatures forums, part of the Advanced Saltwater Discussion category; --> Great thread. I would really like to see update monthly for the next several years. Yes, i said years! LOL...

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Great thread. I would really like to see update monthly for the next several years. Yes, i said years! LOL
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Alright, my weekly update is here . Pasfur, I'll definitely keep updating this thread, hopefully for years to come as you mentioned!

This is a pic taken a couple of days ago before re-arranging the rocks in preparation of me installing the new light:


And here he is after the move... I moved him from top-center, to the lower left with a rock overhang so he can easily get to shade/cover if the new lights are too bright for him at first. I still feed a chunk of silverside every day, and he gladly eats it. He definitely can grab it on his own, though he's still not very sticky. I just have to stand guard and make sure the Maroon doesn't try to take a bite as well.

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I'm jumping the gun on the update, but I just put the new Outer Orbit MH/PC fixture on my tank today! I love it, I've got before and after shots that I took today below. The difference in brightness doesn't come out that well in the pics though.



And here's a close-up of the RBTA just a few minutes ago. He was a little mad in that last picture, as I had just moved him and re-arranged the rocks a bit, but he's looking better now. He can now grab food on his own, and is starting to get sticky to the touch (not really sticky, just kinda sticky on some tentacles).


And here's a couple more pics in different lighting (blue/actinics only, and with camera flash on)


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very nice, your little guy will prob. enjoy the new lights.. when are you getting corals in there and what do you plan on stocking?
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I'll get some corals in a couple of months. I need to upgrade my skimmer first, I've got an Octopus NW 150 right now, but my next purchase is an Aqua-C EV-180. After that, I'll make sure that I can keep my nitrates under 5 ppm all the time, then I'll pick up my firsts couple of corals. I've got a good supplement and testing routine that keeps my pH, Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium in-line, but I don't have a deep enough sand bed to do denitrification, so I have to skim really well and not over-feed. The tank has only crept up to 10 ppm nitrates once, so I want to be sure that I don't go that high again before I get corals.

Really, in addition to the new skimmer, I'd also like to get a chiller (JBJ Arctica Titanium 1/10HP) and a wavemaker and controllable powerheads (probably Koralia w/ 12V K4's). The chiller will be necessary if I see my temp rise with these lights and the new skimmer, and the wavemaker is just on my wish list.

But when I do go to buy some corals, the first ones I get will probably be a brain coral or two, and a hammer coral and/or frogspawn. I'd like to get a leather of some kind, but I won't get all of that at once. It will basically depend on what cool looking corals my LFS has in stock when I go to buy initially . I want splashes of different colors.
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awesome im impressed on your patience and desire to keep params correct.
do you run a sump/fuge with cheato? how often are you feeding besides the daily silverside which is prob. the cause of the trates.

so basically you want LPS/softies .. maze brains are so awesome ... just read up before going to the store for corals so you know what your looking at/for and you know what sickness's corals can have from the start so you buy healthy specimens. im excited to see where this tank takes off to- its going to be great!
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thanks onefish. I actually don't even feed the RBTA a full silverside, the RBTA is pretty small so i just cut two or three small pieces from the middle of a silverside and feed those to it. For the fish, I feed a half a cube of frozen spirulina brine shrimp or a half a cube of Prime Reef every other day, but i slowly pour it in so most of it gets eaten. Then once in a while, I spot feed my coral banded shrimp and peppermint shrimp a small piece of silverside, and a small piece of seaweed for my emerald mithrax crab. I bet the frozen foods are adding phosphates as you've pointed out before. I don't get any phosphate readings on my test kit, but i bet the algae consumes it before it registers. I forgot to mention, the FINAL piece of equipment that I want to add is a carbon and phosban reactor.

I don't run a fuge in my sump anymore. I made my own sump our of a 30 gallon tank, and have three chambers (skimmer/inlet, return, and fuge, with return in the middle and overflow split between the skimmer and fuge). However, the fuge section is only 5-6 gallons of water, which for a 90 gallon tank just doesn't seem effective. I had a ball of cheato in there, with a light on reverse cycle, but after three months it hadn't grown at all and had no noticable effect on the nitrates, so I just drained that chamber and shut down my fuge... now I only use the skimmer and return sections of my sump. When I move, I'll get a 36 gallon tank (36" long instead of 30"), and make a new sump with a more appropriately-sized fuge for it, and try again. Then again, when I move I'll be sure to add in enough sand for a 4" bed, so that will help a ton as well.
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IMO your overfeeding your tank. i usually feed a cube of brine every 3 (sometimes 2) days that most of the time gets soaked in selcon prior. i only have 4 fish but i have plenty coral that have mouths too. (i also use coral frenzy, DTs live phyto, silversides and a few others from time to time)
the way i look at it, your 5-6 gallon fuge is another 5-6 gallons added onto the overall of the system. a small fuge would be better then no fuge i think. you could have even put a nice DSB in there too. i guess when you move the additional sand will be nice as well as the larger sump. phos and carbon reactors are great. i have a carbon one running now and ive been planning on adding a phos for the longest time esp. because i have alittle cyano outbreak at the moment on my tank.
anyways your plans sound good to me and again im looking foward to seeing where the tank goes

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Originally Posted by conger View Post
But when I do go to buy some corals, the first ones I get will probably be a brain coral or two, and a hammer coral and/or frogspawn. .
FYI - Brain Coral... very easy to keep. Frogspawn... no so much.
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Thanks for that heads-up Pasfur. I haven't begun to thoroughly research the nuances of keeping specific types of corals yet, something I'll certainly do before I go to start buying.
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