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Problem and question + coral ID(photo's)

Ok We got some new lace rock and we're removing some of the old rock to add this new rock, when we found the little guy in the picture, he's about 1/2" and to me he kinda really looks like a bulb tip anenome. Tried to remoe him from the rock but he's pretty determined it's his rock and he isn't budging. Did't get to agressive about it cause I really don't want to hurt him. I have one large long tenacle anenome and no others and would like to keep this guy if at all possible. Problem, I also noticed some VERY VERY tiny dots that look like aptasia to me, probably roughly 10-15 on this one rock. Want the aptasia gone also have a very small bi-valve on the rock as well, sacrificable, but not happily as they are reproducing fairly well. I've gone through the tank and pulled out as much rock as I can that looks like it might have the aptasia on it and plan to bleach it.. So any idea's on how to remove the aptasia without killing my baby bubble tip? or is this a bubble tip? I have brought in several pieces of new live rock over the past few months with several type's of coral's on it. One of them looks like aptasia but it is most definitly a coral as it's attached to the rock and has a mouth out of the rock. Thought, I wonder if this bubble tip is another one of the coral starting on a different rock?First picture baby in question
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picture of the coral for anyone that might know what this is, it has a gold mouth with a red ring around it, then the clear tenacles
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For giggles

My tunicate, absolutly love this guy, I only wish I had more like him
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Your second pic leads me to say aptasia. Not exactly desirable.
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Isn't aptasia an anenome?
The second picture is a coral
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instead of bleaching your rock try getting something like a peppermint shrimp to eat the aptasia.

aptasia is a "nuisance" like anemone. they will populate very fast and their sting can kill corals that it come in contact with. And i agree, the secong pic is a type of aptasia.
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I do have aptasia in the tank, this is not the same thing. This is a coral because it has a hard mouth and is part of the rock, there is no anenome body on these guys. Aptasia is brownish colored not red yellow and white.
I have seen aptasia in all the local LFS, it's everywhere I go, in every liverock tank or reef setup. I'll keep digging
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Went to the store I got it from, witih the pictures and she said that she's seen this before and it's some rare type of red carpet coral.
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Found it here as well, he says stony coral
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It is most certainly not an Aptasia. I do believe what you have there is a variety of cup coral. They are a Large Polyp Stony (LPS) coral and are common hitchhikers on live rock.

They are Reef Safe and should not be cause for concern.

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