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Why glove? Sensitive to S/W? Not sure about that particular glove but have experienceds such mishap w/ one that has powdery coating. No more glove for me.
Extra Carbon was good move.
Always had reseve running (24/7/365) for any tank for any possible emergency. Aging water also help w/ removing chlorine.
Now, many cities are adding Chloramine (could be F/T or P/T addition) which wont dissipate by againg and very toxic to fish/inverts, thus may have to use simple dechlorinator (please no overuse) or even better, use RO/DI.
If RO/DI is not possible, look into Tap Water Filter (used to be call Tap Water Purifier) by API which can remove most toxins, including chlorine/chloramine along with minerals without spending mega buck thus no need for dechlorinato (personally never cared for slimy/viscous additive for reef).
Check your local water supplier for analysis on tap. As long as tap is not too hard, this purifier should last for while. If possible, hook up extra PH for more turbulence.
Hope all goes well!

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i use coralife orange/purple gloves. recently ive had dry skin on my hands and the gloves help because the salt just further dries them. you also never know what soap (or really anything) is on your hand and you go and dunk your hand in introducing that to your tank. there are also some corals, anemones, fish, that can sting/cause harm and IMO a glove is better then no glove.
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Okay so I woke up and I found my Xenia looking very very very bad! Is there no return from this? My other corals looks alright, but they are not out yet. I did another water change but I am freaking out because I am concerned about my other tank inhabitants!

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Lights have been on for about 3 hours now. All corals are out and looking decent to good with the exception of the Xenia. Clownfish and Hermits all acting completely normal. I have more Xenia in other parts of the tank that look the same as the frag in the picture. Will It come back? I know that Xenia is very hardy and grows like a weed, so maybe It has a chance? When do I know that it will not be recovering and when to remove it from the tank and throw it out? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
I recently just started using gloves because I have been getting very dry skin on my hands from tending to the tank, and I was also concerned about any soap or lotion residue getting into the tank and causing something like THIS, ugh! I guess I was better off bare handed. I will not be using the gloves anymore unless I get some bonafide aquarium gloves. I have used the same type of yellow gloves before with no problem, but this was a new pair.

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Xenia thrive in a high nutrient tanks aka dirty, but if your tank is clean, then they don't have a great survival rate. If you notice nothing's wrong with the tank, then that could very well be the isssue...

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I noticed that some if the Xenia was browning, I went to go get it out and it just completely disintegrated in my fingers! Some of the Xenia on other parts of the rocks looks like it has not started to mush yet, so I think that maybe there may be some survival. I am going to do another water change again today.

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The Xenia is recovering little by little now. I am pretty sure that the die off has stopped, but I am monitoring its condition just to be sure. I am just glad it was the Xenia rather than my torch or bubble corals this happened to. Everything else in the tank is thriving and my ocellaris is well. Thanks everyone for the help.
I threw out the gloves

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