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Peppermint Shrimp eating Frogspawn?

Well I have had nice frogspawn in my tank for about a month, and I just recently purchased a Peppermint shrimp to help battle some apitasia growth, and to just look pretty About 2 days ago, I was watching the shrimp "clean" off a rock near the frogspawn, when suddenly the shrimp swam up near the underside of the frogspawn and attacked it and popped one of the tenticles! I immediatly chased the shrimp away, and he has left the frogspawn along since. Since I had the frogspawn in the tank first, I know that the issue cant be territoral, because the shrimp is the new guy. I really dont want to remove anything if I dont have to, but if the shrimp continues to harass this great coral, I see no other option but to remove the shrimp. Any advice or possible explinations to this behavior would be awesome!

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Pepperments are very needy when it comes to food. I've had 3 go on a killing spree and kill a lot of snails because i cut down on feeding. I'd say they were use to eating aptasia (if they even did) and just wanted to keep eating whatever they wanted. I've never head of them eating a Frogspawn, but anything is possible whith those guys and crabs too (i've seen a crab eat a pink birdsnest). Watch it for a while and makesure it doesn't persist, otherwise you'll need to take it out.

I'm not going to tell you to pollute your tank, but you may want to feed more to discourage this as much as possible. I fed more and found them to attack far less then when i fed a little.

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You know... my peppermint shrimp has been pretty good with not eating things. Well, a few weeks ago I did see him/her carrying around something that looked like a polyp or maybe a small snail... Nothing obvious was missing though...

After this happened I started feeding a little bit to it every day or 2... While I'm feeding my sun corals I just stick the baster down there and he finds it within a few seconds and he gets a few mysis... Just watch him for now though...

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those were almost my thought exactly. Thanks for the advice, I'll keep those points in mind.

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