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Peppermint shrimp and apastia

I about and handful of apastia in my reef. They are slowly but surely multiplying. I found one on my gsp last night and tonight I found one on my favorite zoo colony. I do not want to try anything chemical right now (Joes juice, apastia x etc) because I have read it can harm the corals around it. I hear peppermint shrimp have and apetite for them.
Just before I run out to the nearest LFS, I just want some information....Do ALL peppermint shrimp eat apastia, or just SOME? I want more than just a 50/50 chance on it.
And if I do go for a shrimp, should I get one or two? And I have not had any experience with shrimp before so I need to know how I would acclimate it to my tank.

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I have never heard of this one. Peppermint shrimp eat aptasia? Really? If this works, let me know. I have some nasty aptasia in my reef as well.
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I had a nasty outbreak of aptasia after my wife bought a rock of shrooms with a couple of those suckers hiding underneath. Maybe a month later, it had taken over a small section of my tank! I tried one peppermint shrimp (the LFS told me "brazilian" peppermint shrimp), and nothing. I read somewhere that you need a good supply, so I bought about eight of them for my 46 gallon. It took a couple a weeks, but the aptasia all disappeared...

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it is a certain kind of peppermint shrimp you need that does eat aptasia. Do a google and I believe has an article explaning which is which and how to tell the ones that do eat it from the ones that dont. I need to get a couple for my tank too, so if I find the article again soon (it'll be a few weeks) Ill link it, if not post it up for others :)
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didn't find that article, but while trying to id a coral i noticed today I did find the scientific name of the aptasia eating version. May make it easier to find that article - Lysmata wurdemanni
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Thanks for that info!

What exactly is the acclimation process for a shrimp?

125g cichlid - 14g biocube reef - 6g planted Edge - 20g L goldfish/African Clawed Frog
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I acclimate shrimp using a drip method. Just a simple gange valve and airline tubing, adjust the valve to a drip, a few drips per second. I generally drip for 30 minutes to an hour.
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