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Orange Cerianthus Anemone

I went to my local lfs and purchased this anemone, nobody told me that my clown fish will not host this type of anemone, is this true? So I drip acumulated it for about 1.5 hrs and placed it on the bottom sand. It seems to be moving quite a bit, even floting in the open. Do these anemones stay at the bottom or can the actually position themselfs on top of my rock? How do I feed it? Purchased some dried krill for it is this ok?

60 gal tank, up for about 2.5 months,
15 hermit crabs, 8 turbo snails, 2 oscalaris clownfish
150 Mettal Halide light with blue acinic bulbs
all test results -->perfect
calcium 420-460
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"The Tube Anemone is also referred to as the Tube Dwelling Anemone, and is best kept in an invertebrate-only or species-only aquarium with a soft, deep substrate. It is actually a distant relative of the true sea anemone. It creates its tube from the nematocysts that it has discharged.

This Anemone requires that the temperature in the aquarium be lowered to below 68F for several months during the winter. It prefers periodic intermittent currents and needs moderate lighting within the aquarium.

Eating habits of the Tube Anemone can best be described as aggressive. After the lights are lowered it will capture its fish prey. It prefers to be fed often, even daily, with brine shrimp or pieces of fresh fish or shrimp."

-direct quote from Dr. Fosters & Smith web site.

Bottom line, this was not a good selection for your aquarium. IN fact, you do not want to consider ANY anemone purchase until you have gathered significant knowledge and experience in this hobby. They are one of the most difficult challenges the hobby faces over the long term. "Success stories" are limited to 10-12 years, which is less than 10% the natural life span of these animals. They should be left in the wild, in my opinion.
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well the second day i called up my lfs and they asked me to bring it back for 100 % refund which was great, purchased a hammer head instead.
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Excellent. Much better choice.
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