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mystery invert! please help me identify it!

I found this little guy while cleaning and doing a water change. He was inside the suction cup of the tank heater so may have been hurt when I took it off the glass but I'm not sure... He's less than an inch long, orangy-red color, with whitish hairs/spikes. I can't tell for sure if it has legs or not but I don't think it does.

I'm wondering:

A- What it is so I can do further research

B- If it'll do harm to my fish when it gets bigger. My current collection includes a naso tang, maroon clown, lawnmower blenny, hermit crabs, and yellow-tail blue damsels.

Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

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Bristle worm most likely. Good one normal numbers form what I have read on here and elsewhere. Bad if they get to be too numerous.

(Is an eduacted guess so don't shoot me if I am wrong ;) )
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Thanks for the quick response! I just Googled bristle worms and I think we have a winner! From the sites I looked at, it seems that there's a debate as to whether or not these are bad for the tank.

Any thoughts? Should I flush it or put it back in the tank?
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EAT IT EAT IT!!! :O to be honest its beneficial to your tank till it gets to about 6 inches, then its got to go. Put him back in but tie a leash onto him to find him again soon. jk :< put him back in only if you`re prepared to remove him later.

Hes good to clean up the waste your fish dont get to.
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Yeah, I'm going to go put him back in. My boyfriend (who works in a fish store) suggested the same thing.

Got me thinking now, though. If I have one, I wonder how many I really have? It's been at least 6 months since I've added anything new to the tank so he's escaped my sight at least that long! haha!
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well, they are nocturnal so if you use a redlight at night you`ll see how many you may really have. Although it may be just him! Just pay attention at night and you`ll see a whole life side of your tank you havent seen before!
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